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I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, and a new album of hers recently came out titled “Evermore” and I’ve been thinking about her different eras and how they can be identified. A big factor to her eras would be her fashion, and I think what she wears can tell the fans a lot about the album and what the vibe will be. From her debut album to her most recent one, I’m going to identify what parts of her fashion are the telling points to her eras.

The Taylor Swift, Fearless and Speak Now Eras

Although these are three different eras of hers, they’re not drastically different. These are her first three albums, which was the time of boots, sparkly dresses and her big curly hair. She was still a teenager or very young adult during these eras writing about her life experiences, which meant the songs were often about relationships, heartbreak or growing up. The outfits she wore showed her age and showed us that the albums would be from that mindset.

The Red Era

This is the album where we started to notice a difference in her style. She got rid of her big curls and traded them in for straight hair with bangs. Her style changed as well. She started to wear a lot of red, since that is the title of the album, along with black and white. These colors could be seen on striped shirts, high-waisted shorts, hats, cat-eye sunglasses and sometimes dresses. Her look was very much a vintage feel and the colors she wore matched the fall feeling of the album.

The 1989 Era

This album is when she made a big career change. She decided to completely change from country to pop, and her fashion followed. The first difference in her look was that she got a bob haircut with side bangs. She also started wearing a lot of skater skirts, crop tops and heels. The big colors of this era were pink and blue and sparkles accompanied them. From her look, you can tell the album was going to be upbeat and fun.

The Reputation Era

This is the era that no one saw coming. In 2016 Taylor’s reputation was questioned and people were starting to see her as “fake” and “rude” for things that she didn’t even do. She went quiet for about a year and came back with this iconic era. This consisted of black outfits or other dark colors, fishnets and over- the- knee boots. Her red lipstick turned a darker shade than what she usually wore and she wore her hair wavy with bangs. Let’s also not forget the snake theme of this album. It’s safe to say this album has a more confident and “baddie” vibe and that was made extremely obvious by the way she dressed.

The Lover Era

As you can tell from the title, this is a mostly happy album all about love. That being said, it was the era of pastels, sequins and her dying the tips of her hair pink or blue. She wore a lot of colorful, fun outfits that often consisted of dresses or high-waisted shorts, and the overall mood of the album was very cheerful and had fans wanting to dance. Unfortunately, this era cut short due to the pandemic. Here’s hoping Lover Fest, the name of the world tour she was supposed to go on, can still happen in some way to fully celebrate this era.

The Folklore/Evermore Era

Even though these are two different albums, they were both released in 2020 and are actually sister albums. That being said, they have a very similar vibe to them, both being inspired by being in the woods. The main difference is “Folklore” is more of a spring/ summer album with black and white tones and the famous cardigan while “Evermore” is a fall/ winter album with earth tones, her long braid and the plaid jacket she is wearing on the album cover. Since they were created and released during the pandemic, there aren’t many outfits to talk about. From the few pictures there are however, the vibes are very evident.

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, the differences in these eras are very clear to you. However, it’s interesting to look at how she rebranded herself with each album and was able to stay successful. Fan or not, I think that’s something to be appreciated. After taking this trip through her different eras, I hope everyone is as ready for her re-recordings as me.

Shannon Egan

Montclair '22

Shannon is a Senior at Montclair State University majoring in Fashion studies. When she’s not in class or doing her assignments she can be seen styling new outfits, watching Netflix, practicing makeup looks, or hanging out with friends. She will be focusing on writing about fashion and beauty and is excited to share her knowledge on it.
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