Fashion 101: How to Create a Mood Board

A mood board is a type of collage of various different images, texts, colors and objects that can be used to showcase a feeling or idea towards a topic. In the fashion industry, mood boards are essential when it comes to creating ideas for a collection. Designers use fashion mood boards to convey a theme for their collection using color, fabric and patterns. Your mood board can be digital or traditional.  Here’s a list of all the key elements you will need in order to successfully create a fashion mood board. 

  1. 1. Pick a theme

    Before you create a mood board , you want to have a theme of what you want your collection to be about. You can focus on an era, a location, an art piece, a specific style trend, etc. Decide what you want the feel and overall vibe of the collection to be and go from there.

  2. 2. Images

    Images are one of the major key elements of a mood board . These images can be of anything that relates  to the theme of your collection. For example, if your theme is “1950s Palm Springs ” then you want to have images of mid-century modern architecture, design elements, objects, colors, aesthetics and, of course, fashion. The point of your mood board is to successfully portray your ideas. You can print pictures out from the internet or cut photos from magazines. Pinterest is an awesome platform to use for this!

  3. 3. Fabric Swatches

    When it comes to creating a collection, you need at least 3-5 fabric swatches that go with your illustrations. The fabric swatches give a sense of what colors, textures and patterns, you want to use for your garments. Be intentional about your fabrics and where you want to use them in your collection. How do they relate to your theme? Why did you choose these fabrics? 

  4. 4. Text

    Text can be a great way to further push your ideas. You can add quotes, lyrics, literature, adjectives, nouns, feelings or thoughts that come to mind when you think of your theme. Add a title! What’s the name of your collection? This is how people are going to identify your work.

  5. 5. Color Story

    Be sure to include a color story of what you want your color palette to look like for your collection. Color stories are a series of 3-5 color swatches that you choose to build your wardrobe with in your collection. Does your collection consist of neutrals? Vibrant colors? Primary or secondary colors? 

Most importantly, have fun! Use this as a way to get inspired and show off your creative skills!