Fan Theories: Drake and Josh; iCarly

Conspiracy theories have been around forever. Now with people rewatching shows from their childhood, they’re noticing things they haven’t before. Especially with social media, these theories concocted by fans are easily shareable and watchable. 

Ever since the release of its second and third seasons on Netflix, it seems like everyone is binging the show iCarly. The show aired on tv starting in the year 2007, so for a lot of us we were still in elementary school when it was on. Because of that the majority of small details pointing to possible conspiracy theories went right over our heads. Even older than iCarly, Drake and Josh was first aired in the year 2004, ensuring that the majority of its audience would miss any connection between the two shows. Other than the fact that they share two actors: Jerry Trainor and Miranda Cosgrove.

As viewers of these shows grew so did the suspicion of how they’re connected. Here are some of the top theories that have been created by fans to explain the way Drake and Josh and iCarly are connected.

Drake and Josh is a reality show in Carly’s world

If you look closely in Sam’s locker whenever she’s at school she actually has a picture of Drake Parker hanging on its door. There’s also an episode of iCarly where she is watching Drake and Josh on her tv; this hints that the two shows are in the same universe. As well as other minor details of characters watching the same shows: Celebrities Underwater, and Carly’s grand-dad even mentioning the Parker-Nichols hotel. With these details, fans have come up with the theory that Drake and Josh is actually a reality show because of the introductions where they are talking directly to the camera. This would also explain why Sam has a picture of Drake in her locker: He’s a reality star. 


If Drake and Josh are in the same universe as iCarly it raises the question of how Megan and Carly look identical. It’s rather simple: Doppelgangers. If you really think about it, that’s not much of a stretch. This theory would actually answer a lot of questions in regards to how so many characters across Dan Schneider produced shows look alike. (Before you say it's because they are just played by the same actors/actresses I know that - I’m just explaining a theory that has arisen in regards to this.) So, this would explain how all the shows like iCarly, Drake and Josh, Victorious, Sam and Cat and Zoey 101 could all be in the same universe and have identical characters.

Crazy Steve kidnapped Megan

This is nowhere near a new theory, but since it's such a classic one I feel like it needs to be mentioned. If you really want to stretch some hints and clues in iCarly and Drake and Josh there’s the possibility that this theory could be true. We already know that these two shows are in the same universe so if it’s not doppelgangers, the kidnap theory is an option. There have been fans that say Drake and Josh were actually in on Megan being kidnapped because in one episode of iCarly you can see Josh in disguise spying on Carly. Then in the episode iDate a Bad Boy the character Griffin actually says to Carly, referring to Spencer, “Man, he totally brainwashed you.” So could this be hinting to viewers that this older theory is actually true?

There are more clues and hints hidden in shows that I could go through, but that would just be way too much. So, don’t be afraid to watch your favorite childhood shows with adult eyes; you never know what you might find.