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Fall 2012 Hairstyles: The Season’s Hottest and Most Fashionable Trends

As we all know, fall season has finally approached us. With the coldest and most charming season of the year here, we could not let go of the tips of hair trends for fall 2012. As the long, hot summer nights fade and days begin to shorten and darken quicker, our bodies will crave a refreshing breeze of new air and our sense of style will want to change. We will get bored with our old style and we will eventually desire a new look. Therefore, this new season will be the perfect excuse to give to change your haircut, collegiettes! 

  • Hair Color: Finding your perfect hairstyle shouldn’t be a hassle. To start off, a cut is nothing without the color. Color enhances the cut in a way that nothing else can and boosts your confidence and gives you attitude. For girls who already dye their hair, you might want to consider coloring it caramel or red, since those are the fall colors and for brunettes, you might want to enhance your haircut with some red or even violet lowlights to give vibrancy and make you stand out in a crowd.
  • Long Hairstyles: For girls who have long hair, it is important to keep in mind that volume is beauty. Volume will make your hair bouncy, giving that elegant yet relaxed finish to it. If you have one-length hair, you might want to consider getting long layers. Long layers work with any type of hair. It adds body to flat hair, texture to thick hair and control to curly hair. They should be added in the front to frame the face and they should never start above your earlobe, because you might risk a dated look. Also, if you have highlights or low lights, layers help lighten the streaks and give your hair a natural color.

  • Short/Medium Hairstyles:
     Fall 2012 hairstyles definitely have a 70’s feel to it and Retro haircuts are totally in. For girls who like short haircuts, don’t worry! There are plenty of styles for you to choose from. Short hair is such a fabulous thing. It is convenient, total time saver and you simply feel…Free! They can be very sexy and can send out a vibe of flirtatiousness and reflect an upbeat personality. Not everyone likes or can pull a short hair off, but if it suits you, then why not? Go for it! The best thing about a short style is that it grows fast. You can play with it as it grows without using a lot of chemical products and the styling can be phenomenal. One of the styles that is in for the Fall is the Pixie haircut. Many celebrities, including Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, have cut their locks and gone with this style. Pixie is very classy and is very flattering with an oval, square, or heart-shaped face. To add more style to it, you can ask for wispy-layers, so it can allow for face framing bangs. If Pixie haircut is not for you, you can go with the famous Bob hairstyles. Bob hairstyles are not going out of style any time soon. So they can be an option. Long bob looks best on a person with round face and, as for hair texture, it works best on thin to medium hair. If you have fine hair, you can ask your hairstylist for a “graduated bob”, which are shorter layers on the back and longer in the front. Graduated bob are great, because they give hair volume and height at the crown. If you have curly hair, a bob haircut isn’t the most suitable for you, because your hair will look like a triangle and it will seem like you don’t have a style to it. 

  • Make it Versatile:
    Versatility is the most outstanding characteristic to possess when it comes to hairstyles. Being able to create different looks with your hair is a plus, because everyone will think you got a new haircut. Also, remember that bangs can freshen up any boring hairstyle. Sideswept bangs can go with any hair texture, although it goes best with fine to medium hair and blunt bangs, which are a bit longer on the sides, are also in for the fall.

Be creative, have fun, and find your best style to show off in the fall season!  

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