Enough Has Been Enough: Black Lives Matter

The world is at a point where enough has been enough. One name was enough years ago and today there are thousands of black citizens screaming and begging to not add another one of our names to the list. The streets are filled with protestors once again not only for the life of George Floyd but for every black life that was taken unlawfully out of hate and racism. The people are tired of telling America enough is enough and we shouldn’t have to. Each name on the list deserves justice and the people are taking the necessary actions of using their platforms, their voices, their resources, and their knowledge to ensure that black lives will always matter.



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The Reasons Behind The Frustration

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Alton Sterling, Tamir Rice, Atatiana Jefferson, Korryn Gaines, Nia Wilson, I could go on and on naming each and every name of a life that was taken. Each one of these lives mattered but due to racism, they were not given the chance to have their lives continue. The families are frustrated and the black community is frustrated. 

The protest flooding the streets, the rage, and the exhaustion are not the first. Over 5 decades since the civil rights movement and people are still fighting. Police brutality is only a factor in the cause, behind it is ignorance, discrimination, racism, and abuse of authority. The system is failing black people because it wasn’t designed to protect us. No matter how innocent we are, we are still not receiving justice due to the color of our skin and we are frustrated. 

Breonna Taylor’s home was raided by 3 white Louisville police officers who did an illegal drug raid at the wrong address and shot Breonna in her sleep 8 times. Ahmaud Arbery was an unarmed black man who was fatally shot by two white men while jogging through his neighborhood. George Floyd was accused of using a counterfeit bill and was killed under the knee of Derek Chauvin while stating, “I can’t breathe.” These are only a few lives that have been taken recently, others aren’t making the news and that’s an issue. The majority of the lives taken have not received justice and that’s why black people are still frustrated and fighting. 

Hold Those Accountable

Every time a black life is taken and the ones responsible go free, they aren’t being held accountable. These same situations are repeating themselves because these people aren’t being charged and convicted. Communities wouldn’t have to beg and plead for justice if the government listened years ago. 

In the wake of the recent issues, people are speaking up and using their platforms to raise awareness. In the crowd of supporters of the movement, it’s easier to identify those who remain silent. The moment someone refuses to speak out on the issues and/or ignores them they are becoming a part of the issue. In times like this, the black community needs as many people to hear our voices and speak out with us. Change won’t happen if we remain silent and don’t hold the people accountable for taking innocent black lives. 

group of people kneeling at a black lives matter protest

What We All Can Do

It took a week of protests for the four officers responsible for George Floyd’s death to be arrested and convicted, proving more than ever that if we want anything to change we have to act. There are still officers that have yet to be arrested and convicted. While the black community is filled with rage, it is important to hold organized protests and educate one another. We are given multiple resources to aid in our movement and it is our responsibility to use them.

Donate where you can, each dollar counts. If you aren’t in the position to donate, sign the petitions, send emails, make calls; they cost you nothing. If you are protesting, ensure you are remaining safe, COVID-19 did not disappear because racism was plastered all over the news within a week. If you are unable to protest, use your platform. Social media is the best news outlet at the moment, there are things being censored or hidden. Using social media to relay updates, spread awareness, and encourage the black community is highly necessary. 

Ensure that we are supporting each other during these times physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. There are corporations that support prejudiced politicians like Donald Trump and it’s being brought to light. Rather than supporting these corporations look into black-owned businesses and creators. During these times mental health can often be overlooked and it is crucial that the black community prioritizes their mental health. Speak to someone, detach yourself from social media for a while, and take care of yourself.

It is important to understand that this isn’t a trend that lasts a week or so, if it was we would’ve stopped fighting hundreds of years ago. The black community has been saying “enough is enough” for too long now, we have been enough. Racism has been an issue, as Will Smith said, “Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting filmed.” More and more things are coming to light and it’s everyone’s responsibility to do what they can to be a part of the change and amplify the voices that can no longer be heard. 

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