DIY: How To Create Your Own Embroidered Patches

2017 has shown us that the embroidered look is definitely not going away anytime soon, but it has also shown that this cute trend can cost a pretty penny... many pretty pennies. Embroidered garments can get very pricey, and even if you were to buy individual patches, that definitely adds up too! This fun DIY will show you an easy way to stitch that you can use to make any patch you want. Once you know how to do this, the sky's the limit! Here are the materials that you will need for this DIY: thread, embroidery hoops, needles, fabric, a writing utensil, and scissors.

First: You're going to need to pick your canvas. If this is your first time ever doing embroidery, I would pick a basic cotton shirt that is light in color. This way, you can easily trace or freehand your design and a basic cotton is very manageable to work with. 

Once you have your design on your fabric it's time to set up your materials. To thread an embroidery needle, you need to separate your thread. Embroidery thread appears to be very thick, but if you look you will actually see that it is multiple threads put together to make one thick strand. You can gently pull apart the strand, and the number of threads you choose will determine the thickness of your stitches. After you do this you're ready to thread your needle. Simply make a knot at the end of the thread, and then on the opposite side feed the thread through the opening in the needle. So easy!

Next: Fasten your hoop on the fabric so that your design is in the middle. Make sure that the fabric is pulled taught. Now you're ready to make the magic happen! This stitch is called the satin stitch, and it is one of the easiest stitches for beginners. In my opinion, once you're comfortable with this stitch you can make pretty much any design you would like.

Start from the side of the fabric that is facing down, because you don't want your knot to be on the outside of your design. Start on a line that you drew on the design and pull it to the side directly across from where you started and put the needle through. Keep repeating this following the lines that you created for yourself. Think of it as coloring in a picture with thread, and this way it will feel much less intimidating at first. 

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come out perfect the first time! Be patient with yourself, and keep at it. Once you get the hang of it, you will find that it is an amazing way to relieve stress and make something fashionable without spending a lot of money. Then when people want your adorable designs, you can proudly say you made them!


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