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Happy Fall Everyone! This week, we have all dived into our “Fall Era” as the temperature drops. We are all at home trying to find a warm activity to do. One of my favorite things to do is find a video game and relax. Even if you don’t play games often, this list is perfect for you! So snuggle up with your warm drink and your big knitted blanket. Here are the best fall games to keep you busy when you want a little me time! 

Stardew Valley: Available on Steam, IOS, Android and all major gaming consoles. Stardew Valley is a narrative role-playing game about a person who inherits their grandfather’s farm. You get to meet and create relationships with the townspeople and help them on missions. Explore the town and level up your own farm today!

Bear and Breakfast: Available on Microsoft Windows and the Nintendo Switch. Ever wanted to own your own Inn? Wanna be a bear? This game is perfect for you! It is a management sim game about creating your own hotel from scratch. Customize and decorate to your heart’s content with collectable items.

Yokai Inn: Available on Nintendo Switch. Just like Bear and Breakfast, you are the owner of your own hotel. However, this game has a twist. At night, the spirits of the inn come out, and you meet the different monsters from Japan. The beautiful pixel art style is perfect for this Autumn with its amazing, warm color palette that will keep you hooked.

Wytch Wood: Available on the Nintendo Switch and Steam. This is a crafting adventure game with a magical witch in a story book world. You’ll meet all sorts of strange creatures and brew different kinds of potions.

Boba Tale: Available on Android and IOS. This game is perfect for Bubble Tea lovers! Run a boba store from opening to closing. Take customers orders and try your best to make the orders to perfection! The more levels you complete, the more drinks you unlock! 

Little Nightmares: Available on all major consoles. Little Nightmares is a thriller narrative game. You control two characters who are trying to escape “the maw”. This game is full of jumpscares and breath-holding moments you won’t want to miss. The levels have different puzzles that make you interact with the world around you. It is the perfect game for spooky vibes!

What better way is there to spend a fall night cozying up with a game? No matter what game you choose, you’re guaranteed to get all of the fall vibes. Happy playing!

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Kelsey Ayala

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Hello! My name is Kelsey Ayala and I am a junior at Montclair State University! This is my first semester at MSU and I am so excited to meet new friends! I love playing video games and making Art!