Christian Siriano’s Fashion Week Looks Will Take You into the Wild

Christian Siriano is an amazingly talented fashion designer whose dramatic and magnificent designs never fail to take my breath away. And his new collection does not disappoint! His latest runway show featured stunning looks with various textures, patterns and details.

Many of the dresses were black and dramatic. While some people argue that black is a dull choice for the runway, these looks were anything but boring. The black dresses had so many unique details, including asymmetrical necklines and slits at the bottom. There were also some splashes of color! One of my favorite looks was an elegant long black dress with a sleek neon-greenish yellow cape. It was incredible.

But the show featured more than just black. One recurring theme was the use of animal print. Many of the two-piece looks featured brown and tan cheetah print. While I am not a huge fan of animal print, I couldn’t help but love how Siriano made such a bold style sophisticated and classy through adding it into details like poofy sleeves and sheer covers of black print.

There was also a dress with zebra print, and it was form-fitting, with a low neckline. I would love to rock that dress on a night out! Some outfits also included a leafy floral print that felt very natural. This collection definitely could have been inspired by a walk through the jungle!

In addition to neutral/understated color palette, there were some bright looks too! Yellowish green was seen throughout the show, along with a tropical-inspired light blue, and it was a beautiful contrast from his last collection which had a very royal flare with mainly red and black.

The venue was also a sight to be seen. Gotham Hall had a theatrical and quirky vibe. This contrasted from the typical sleek and simple fashion show venue with strobe lights and flashing colors. It felt less intense and more mature. The haunting, slow music added just the right touch to complete the wacky, sophisticated-yet unexpected vibes! All in all, it was a specular show!

Check out the full collection here!