Celebrity Spotlight: Yara Shahidi

Over the past few months, young Hollywood celebrities have been using their platforms and voices to stand with important issues that are facing our world today. One of those young talented voices is none other than Yara Shahidi. The young actress, who is known for her role as Zoey on the Emmy winning show “Black-ish” and its spinoff “Grown-ish,” has been a voice for many young adults all over the world. Let’s take a look at why this young powerhouse is taking the world by storm!

Yara Shahidi came into the spotlight at 9-years-old when she starred alongside Eddie Murphy in the movie “Imagine That. Since then, everyone was able to watch this young adorable actress grow into a strong independent teenager who received her breakout role as Zoey Johnson on the hit ABC television show “Black-ish” when she was only 14

Today, Yara Shahidi is an outspoken 18-year-old who is a firm advocate for diversity and women’s rights. She is a strong believer in educating young females so they too can be advocates for change. With a partnership with The Young Women’s Leadership School, she was able to form Yara’s Club, which is an online mentorship program that lets young girls take an initiative to end poverty through education. Yara Shahidi has expressed her love of learning and is currently attending Harvard University (Michelle Obama wrote her a letter of recommendation, how awesome is that?). 

The young actress is currently working on her show Grown-ish (which is an absolute hit that everyone show watch) and continues showcasing her support for major political movements such as Black Lives Matter, Women’s Rights, Gun Control, Education, and much more. I’m pretty sure we will see a lot of Yara in the future, through her acting and divine activism. 

Yara Shahidi may be young, but she is paving the way for young girls and women everywhere!    


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