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Campus Cutie: Amanda Scarpaci

Amanda Scarpaci

Age: 18

Year: 2018: Freshman


What is your major and why did you choose Montclair?

My major is Communications and Media Arts although. I plan on switching to TV and Broadcasting. I chose Montclair because they have their own separate communications school so I figured “Go big or Go home” – It is also close to the city, which is where I want to have a internship.

What is your go to accessory?

Since I wear all black- most of the time- I always wear jewelry to spice up my outfits, by choosing a colored necklace and matching it with bangles. I also collect Sunglasses- It reinforces your outfit and keeps the sun out your eyes HA! (Squinting gives your wrinkles)

What is your career goal?

Well, my dream career would be to own my own record label OR be the head of a Television Network.

Tell me a family story?

Since my house is a zoo, and we have a million plus one pet’s, it is obvious that my family are animal lovers. My sister has a special love for her chinchilla Charlie. She entered a one hundred word contest about why she loves him so much and won our family a trip to Florida.

What are your extra curricular activities (you can go all the way back to high school)?

I was an honor student in Chorus for four years as well as the president my senior year so I was really involved in the after school club for chorus as well as the chorus for school plays. I plan on doing chorus at Montclair- and if we don’t have a glee club already, I plan to start my own. I also have worked as a camp councilor this past summer.

Speaking of Summer-  (which I wish it was): What did your summer consist of?

So, I worked a lot – like a lot, a lot. I babysit majority of the time because I had to make money to make my dorm semi cute. I met my roommate before school started and we to each other’s hometown- I got to go on her families boat (first time I have ever been on a boat so it was really cool). I went to a couple concerts and I did a lot of photo-shoots for Lauren Ashley Photography.

What was your favorite TV show?

As corny as the Network is, I am a big fan of ABC Family, especially Pretty Little Liars. I also love [new to MTV] Finding Carter as well as Cupcake Wars– its really artistic.

What would be your ideal date?

I’m pretty simple, I like going to Dinner- where we can break the ice, and get to know one another better. Then after maybe get ice-cream or something so in every situation you end the date on a sweet note.

So I see you have a photo of you and Ariana Grande- Tell me more?

This is actually a funny story. So I was sitting at the computer with the presale code to get VIP tickets, and as soon as it went up, my computer crashed. I then had to wait five minutes for it to come back on (as I’m screaming). I tried again expecting the worst because these tickets sell out, two minutes tops. When I eventually went back on I got two regular tickets, which was better than none, so I accepted defeat. I was pretty bummed but it was hot that day and I went outside- went into the pool. Then a half hour later my sister goes onto the computer to get herself regular tickets and by accident she somehow scored two VIP tickets, so we switched because she knew how much I love her and it was the best night of my life.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Graduated and having a career either in front of the camera or behind it, but I wont spoil the surprise – guess you’ll have to find out ;)



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