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Campus Celebrity: Jack Velella

Jack Velella 

Class: I’m a sophomore, class of 2017.

Major: I am a physical education major.

What made you want to go Greek?

What made me decide to join Greek life is that I wanted to create a bond with a group of people that would last a lifetime. It’s tough because when your in your hometown you have 12 years to find people you can call your true friends and joining pi kappa alpha or pike, I feel like I found those true friends in a matter of a few short months.

What is the best part of being involved with Greek life?

The best thing about Greek life is that it’s just a thriving community of people looking to have fun and help those who need it. There is constantly events and philanthropies and fund raisers that are going on. There is never a dull moment in Greek life. I love being social with all the other fraternity’s and sororities. I feel like that’s why I currently hold the chairs of public relations and social chair for my fraternity.

Tell us about your frats philanthropy?

Pi Kappa Alphas main philanthropies are “Pike Hike” which supports the wounded warrior project. “Cycle For Life” which helps with leukemia and other cancers. And “Sleep Out For The Homeless” which raises money for the homeless. Every year we look to raise the bar on the amount of money earned for each of these.

Why did you choose your major?

I chose physical education as my major because It involves two fields that I love which is the body and exercise, and the other is children. I love working with kids, in my hometown of Sparta, I would work with younger kids, teaching them the sport of wrestling which I did for 13 years. It’s awesome seeing my knowledge of the sport being passed on to a younger generation

What are your goals in life?

So I would my goals in life would consist of something a long these lines. I look to be a gym teacher at a private school and also coach a wrestling team. Along with that my goals are kind of normal. Just look to be content with a wife and kids.

How did you get into beat boxing?

Beat boxing is a hobby that I had since I was very little. I loved rhythm for a while, that’s why I played drums for a while but I realized I didn’t have enough skill at that so I took a different route and started messing around with beat boxing. It’s easy to practice because I just do it with everyday activities that I do. Like I could be doing homework and beatbox at the same time just to practice. I still look for ways to improve on it. And I like to see people’s reactions when I do beat box. I’d say I’ve been doing it for 6 or 7 years now


Last Wednesday, I attended an event by Delta Phi Epsilon. A dozen lovely men completed “pageant style” for the title of Deepher Dude! Casual Wear, Talent, Suit and On Stage Question were all phases of the competition. Casual Wear all the men wore their fraternity t-shirts and talent they each did something to show off their skills. When I say Jack has an amazing talent I mean it! Literally my jaw dropped when he started to beat box, I have never seen anything like it!

At the end of everything, Jack won it all! After that talent, it was much deserved.

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