Calvin Klein NYFW S/S19: A Show More Intense Than Swimming Through a Riptide

Intense. Thrilling. Unexpected. Wet. Unforgettable. No, I’m not describing a day at the amusement park or a weird sexual encounter… I’m talking about Calvin Klein’s fashion show for NYFW S/S19. The show started off with  high-energy, trance music playing. Next thing I know, I saw projected images of ocean waves. And it only got crazier from there.

The looks being presented were all unique and very quirky and featured both male and female models. Like many other shows from this season, there was a huge amount of animal print. There was cheetah print, zebra print, and camo… even some together.

As for color, there was some muted and some bold. There was a lot of black and brown, while there was also bright red and hot pink. So, if you’ve always wanted to rock hot pink zebra print, this is the time to try it out! Bold colors and patterns are huge right now!

Long blazers were also a recurring style throughout the show. Some were gray, some were plaid and some seemed very textured, but they all really added an element of sophistication to such a wacky presentation!

One small element I noticed that really added to the sharpness of the show was that many of the shoes were pointy, whether they were high heels or booties. This added an additional edge and sleek feeling to the overall looks.

As the show went on, I must admit that I was a bit confused about the bottom halves of the outfits. Were they peculiarly angled skirts? Top halves of dresses/overalls that were left hanging and undone? Jackets tied around the waist? Aprons? I’m still not completely sure, but I think it’s super cool.

Something that really caught my attention was that some of the models were wearing CK “Jaws” t-shirts with pictures of sharks on them! Say what you want about this detail, but it’s definitely an original one. Who else would think to combine a casual graphic movie t-shirt with a blazer and pointy shoe and somehow make it look awesome?

Other quirky staples of the show were giant oversized sweaters paired with asymmetrical skirts or even the appearance of just underwear. Some of the models carried purses in their hands; these purses added a nice contrast to the rest of the outfits. Some models were physically wet, like actually dripping in water, and many of them had “messy” looking hair and rocked the “no makeup” look. There were also touches of long fringe hanging around the neck and some models even wore graduation caps!

After viewing this show and thinking about the deeper meanings it could have, I really think that it is up to interpretation. The message that I took from the show is that real life is sink or swim. Once you earn your graduation cap and buy that professional blazer, you’re entering a world where you will either make it to the top, find a way to float, drown trying, or be eaten by sharks… that would really explain some of the original pieces and accessories. Or maybe that’s just my own wacky train of thought.

Throwing it back it and comparing it to the A/W collection, which was a take on dystopian realities through the use of headgear and firefighter-inspired jackets, I thought that this ocean inspired theme was just as over the top. And just as amazing. I always look forward to watching these shows, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for us next!

Check out the full collection here!