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At the beginning of the lockdown, everything began to close. This included schools, restaurants, gyms, as well as all of Broadway. The news of Broadway closing isn’t as sad as schools closing to most, but it is sad to those who major in theatre, those who work in theatre, and theatre go-ers.


I, myself, am a theatre go-er. Typically, I try to go to at least one show a year with a friend if it works out with our schedules and if our bank accounts allow us. I was extremely excited to walk the streets of New York knowing I was on my way to see a show. This upcoming Broadway season was full of anticipation and nostalgia. Anticipation because we’d be seeing our favorite actors/actress and nostalgia because of the revival of old Broadway shows!


In case you are also waiting for stage door moments (which will no longer be happening thanks to Ms. Rona), here are 4 MUST see shows when the curtains open:


  1. Hadestown

            This is a show based on the Greek story about Eurydice and Orpheus. This Greek myth follows the story of Orpheus who is trying to save his fiancée, Eurydice, from the underworld. As someone who is fascinated by Greek mythology and Musical Theatre, this show is right up my alley. If you are also a fan of Greek mythology, I do suggest looking into this Musical and giving it a chance. I have yet to see it on Broadway, but this show is definitely on the top of my list. 


  1. The Music Man: 2020 Revival

The Music Man is not new to Broadway, nor will it’s cast be new either. The Music Man revival will star Hugh Jackman and Broadway’s legend Sutton Foster. Now I have seen this production before at a local community theatre and I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but, I am such a huge fan of Sutton Foster and would kill to see her perform live. It would literally be a dream to see her on stage. I would also suggest this show to you Broadway go-ers will have the chance to say that you have seen Sutton Foster live.


  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

            This show is simply unreal. I had the opportunity to attend this two-part show because I had won the Friday Forty lottery for this show. If you win the lottery, you’ll only have to pay $40 for both Part One and Part Two. I will say that this show is very lengthy, sometimes parts one & two aren’t even on the same day. I was lucky enough to have both parts on the same day, and let me just say, it was such a long day but it was worth it. I’m a fan of Sutton Foster, but I’m an even bigger fan of Harry Potter. I understand that many people may not like Harry Potter and theatre, let alone have them together, but this show was out of this world. The work ethic of every single actor and actress as well as the effects and lighting of the show was mind-blowing. It’s truly something that I think everyone should experience, it’s life-changing.


  1. Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and Times of the Temptations

            This musical follows the life of the Temptations (obviously) and while I haven’t heard much talk about it besides their tv performances, this is also pretty high on my must-see list. My family grew up listening to the Temptations and New Edition so it only feels right to see a live show about them. While The Temptations already have a mini television series, I believe there will be a different feel from watching their story on a screen and seeing it transpire live on-stage. 


Until the day Broadway returns, my Broadway playlist and Hamilton movie will have to suffice. As for now my Broadway lovers, the show must go on. 

Imeera Cox

Montclair '22

Imeera Cox is a junior EOF scholar at Montclair State University and majors in Public Relations. Imeera is excited to write about what interest her from lifestyle tips, theatre, and social justice issues. During her free time, Imeera is usually binging her favorite TV shows or movie franchises, listening to many Musical Theatre soundtracks, or online shopping.
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