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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

It’s officially that time of year! Although fall is the sign that school starts, it also means that we can enjoy some beautiful weather along with the changing of the leaves. Whether you’re a commuter or you dorm, I’m sure you would love to get out and explore some areas with this nice walking weather before it gets too cold outside. Here are some recommendations that are great for fall activities, eating at restaurants, or just walking around. 

Ridgewood, NJ

Now I may be biased since this is a local town of mine, but it’s absolutely worth visiting during this season. It’s great to walk around, maybe catch a bite to eat, and then continue strolling or sit in the park they have at the center of town. There’s a large number of diverse restaurants, from your standard American diner to Persian delights. The town also specializes in small business boutiques, a local bookstore where celebrity authors do signings, and a small movie theater showing all of the new releases. Going into town you will see so many cute places, depending on which way you go, as there are plenty of cute cottage houses right outside downtown. 

Montclair, NJ

Of course I had to add our campus’ hometown! I have a feeling that most of those who dorm have visited downtown at least once, so that’s why I’ll be targeting the commuters here. As a commuter myself, I know most of us are guilty of going to campus for class and then leaving right away. If you happen to have time after class with your friends or over the weekend, go check out the town! There are great shops, restaurants, and even an art gallery. Plus, when you drive on Upper Mountain Ave.,you will see some of the most beautiful houses you’ve ever seen! It’s great to visit when the weather gets cooler, so you won’t be sweating as much when you walk around. It’s also important to plan where you want to park ahead of time, as there is street parking and some parking garages. 

Mahwah, NJ

Mahwah gets on the list for harboring Ramapo Valley County Reservation, one of the best hiking spots in Bergen County. This park is perfect if you just want to focus on nature, see the leaves change color, and have a cool breeze to avoid getting heat exhaustion on your hike. This is a huge reservation where you can find yourself being surrounded by others who are also enjoying the reservation or alone, depending on how far you decide to trek. If you’re a dog person, definitely check out the main lake up the mountain, as a lot of people bring their dogs to play together on the shallow shore! You may not see them playing on a cooler day, of course, but there will still be plenty walking about on leases. Don’t be afraid to bring your dog, as long as it gets along with others and has a good recall!

Hillsdale, NJ

Fall is the perfect time for apple and pumpkin picking, so why not do both on one trip? Just twenty or so minutes from campus, Demarest Farms has been a classic spot for many families in the area. Complete with a farmer’s market, there is something for everyone there. If you go with family and have young children, they’re bound to enjoy the petting zoo while also taking a look at apples and pumpkins. Soon enough, the prime picking season will be over, so make sure to go earlier than later!

Before you know it, Mother Nature will have snow on our forecast so make sure you enjoy the weather while you can. I hope you enjoy these recommendations if you decide to go, and don’t be afraid to tag Her Campus Montclair online so we can see what a great time you had!

I am a current MSU senior majoring in linguistics and minoring in Korean and Classics. My love for writing and reading has set me on a path to enter the publishing industry! When I'm not at school you can find my reading outside, working and visiting local towns.