The Best Gift to Give This Holiday Season

This holiday season, the ultimate gift will not be found at TJMaxx, Macy’s, PacSun, GameStop, Old Navy, Hollister, or any other trendy store. Nor will it be found at any Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, or Rolex shops. This is a classic gift often ignored and underappreciated, and what if I mentioned that it costs, nothing?

This gift is: time.

Buying gift cards, sweaters, tool sets, and cooking and baking utensils are some great gift ideas. But what if we looked at the holiday season with a different lense than we usually do? Besides the religious beliefs and traditions that certain holidays hold, the holidays are about spending time with the ones we hold so dearly in our hearts. The harsh reality that one day these people will not be with us, or the day you realize that you didn’t do enough, is rejected often.

Buying gifts upon gifts is not the way to show your love, but a simple random “I love you” or making a hot chocolate for your loved one is a piece of your day you can set aside. It’s important to forget about the gifts, the annoying cousins, the obnoxious commercials and most importantly, our phone and it’s social media apps.

The best gift for this holiday season is to set aside time and appreciate the people we too often take for granted. Our family, our spouses, our friends- if they are here with you, forget the gifts and give them something they could never forget, your time and love. Quality time is something that is brushed off as “yeah we get it but I want something tangible.”  

And that’s true, gifts are a wonderful thing. But when looking back on the holidays, it’s not the gift that is remembered. It is the time we took out of our busy and hectic lives to look the person we love and appreciate so much in their eyes, and let them know so passionately that we do feel the way we do, overjoyed that they’re in our lives. Hugs, a kiss, a simple homemade card to express the love for the people around us makes a difference, and our time with these people only goes so far.

Rethink how you give this holiday season, and don’t let these special people in your life become unnoticed.