The Best Food Establishments to Seek out This Summer

Drum roll please—summer’s right around the corner! It’s time to hang out with friends and go to the beach and look for the perfect places to eat; and snap that picturesque Instagram shot (oh come on, even if you’re not the photo-taking type, you know you love watching your friends do it and have fun). So, for anyone who lives in the greater New York City area (northern New Jersey and NYC, let’s be honest) here are a few places to weave into your plans this summer. In no particular order, because can you really put good food into a listicle? I don’t think so. 

Gringo’s (or Gringo’s Tacos)

Gringo’s is a rather new (isn’t even a year old yet) American-Mexican fusion restaurant in Jersey City. You might have heard of them from their INSIDER video. This place has got the perfect atmosphere for a great night out with friends and their menu options will not only fit your Instagram feed, they’ll tantalize your taste buds.


If you’ve always wanted to enjoy a dinner in Greece, while the sunset highlights the horizon, but you’re a college student who’s got summer classes, Elia is your go-to this summer. This brand new hotspot’s atmosphere and menu bring Greece straight to you in Rutherford, New Jersey. It’s the perfect place to celebrate a birthday, bring your partner, or have a girl’s night out, and it’s chic color scheme (which matches the bold white of Greece’s island getaways) is perfect for group photos. Make sure to plan ahead, since you’ll need a reservation. 

Black Tap

Oldie but a goldie (well, not that old, but things are moving rather fast these days, right?). The home of the famous milkshakes that took the internet by storm and (in my personal opinion) ignited the sweet tooth trend that made all establishments pull out all the stops when it comes to cookies, cakes, ice cream, and dessert drinks. Surprisingly (not really), Black Tap doesn’t just serve milkshakes, their website literally reads “craft burgers & beer,” so stop by this summer ready to survey their entire menu, not just the shakes.

Tony Boloney’s

The place for good old-fashioned, Jersey pizza and more, Tony Boloney’s is your destination if you ever find yourself lost in Hoboken. Of course, you might have also heard of this place from their INSIDER video, which highlights their famous taco pizza. Make sure to plan out your visit and pre-order the pie, because they only sell the taco pizza on Tuesdays

Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Located on Broadway in New York City, this establishment has all your basic diner options, complete with waffle fries and milkshakes. But there’s one funky twist to this “all-American, stereotype diner”—the waiters and waitresses sing! Yes, the staff at this diner alternate performances during your dining and apparently, majority of the staff are aspiring theatre performers, so you know that singing is going to be quality. It’s a lighthearted place that’s great for everyone and it can get you out of the NYC summer heat for awhile, but make sure to go on an off-day, because their wait line can get pretty long.

Dekalb Market Hall

This market hall is open seven days a week and it’s stocked with 40 vendors. Located in Brooklyn, this place is any foodie’s dream. It’s the perfect place to go when you’re looking to have some fun around the city and you will for sure be able to find something that delights your tastebuds with the amount of variety offered, from deserts to drinks to plates that could pass as full entrees. Make sure to make it a necessity on your next day out with friends, you wouldn’t want to pass it up. 

Coney Waffle

This one requires a bit of a trip, but Coney Waffle is home to the five pound milkshake; yes, INSIDER has a video for this one too. Located across the New Jersey coast, Coney Waffle has four locations, the closest being in Red Bank. Although, according to INSIDER, the location with the five-pound milkshake called “The Side Show Shake” is Asbury Park. Thankfully, they’re located on a great strip of beach near Belmar, so plan a relaxing beach day with your friends and when it’s over, take a trip to Coney Waffle and see if you can demolish that five-pound shake (or maybe share it, no one wants to end the evening with an upset stomach from eating to much sugar. There will definitely be enough to share).

And last but not least. . .

Your local diner.

Been out with friends all day? Catching up after a long day of work? Just need somewhere good and cheap? There’s nothing better than meeting at your local diner. Yes, we all have one, that’s a fact, and no matter what, the basic diner always delivers because they serve pretty much anything and everything. Sometimes it’s the simple things that are best in life.


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