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The Best Disney Channel Movies You Might Have Forgotten About

Let’s get right to the point. How many Disney Channel movie lists have you clicked on only to be disappointed because you’ve already heard of every single one? I’m sure there’s been a lot.

Not to worry! Here’s a few you probably haven’t seen on any list, because not a lot of people remember them to begin with. Thankfully, they’re just as fun as the classics  “Smart House” and “Zenon.”

Go Figure

A television-only Ice Princess, “Go Figure” is about Katelin, a figure skater who gets an ice hockey scholarship in order to attend a boarding school where she can practice with a famous figure skating coach. Whew, that’s a mouth full. The movie is one of Disney’s true gems, highlighting friendship, respect, and chasing your dreams.

Now You See It. . .

Not the oldest, but possibly the most obscure out of this list. “Now You See It. . .” stars Aly Michalka (of Aly and Aj) and Johnny Pacar. It focuses on a bunch of magicians, which Aly’s character Allyson is involved with, because she is producing a reality television show. The movie is filled with mystery, danger, and romance as Allyson discovers a secret about magic she shouldn’t know. If you can remember a commercial on Disney Channel about magic tricks and fast-paced music, this is probably it.

The Color of Friendship

It could definitely be that I haven’t watched a lot of children’s television recently, but nowadays, if you wanted to find a movie like “The Color of Friendship,” I don’t think you’d succeed. The movie is about the friendship that blossoms between two girls, Piper and Mahree, when Mahree stays with Piper’s family as an exchange student. The catch is, Piper is a black American and Mahree is a white South African. The movie was nominated for and won an Emmy-award, and is considered one of Disney’s best original movies. It is filled with themes of tolerance, family, learning, and friendship, and handles serious issues with sophistication and raw emotion. It is a type of movie we may never see again.

Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire

Before Bella and Edward, there was Lynette and Dimitri and her children who definitely hate her vampire Tinder date. Disney is famous for its “Halloweentown” series, but it has made many other spooky flicks, and this movie is one of them. The movie follows Lynette’s children, Adam, Laura, and Myles, as they try to protect her mother once they realize her date is after all the wrong things. It’s fun, creative, and actually pretty scary as far as Disney movies go. I’m talking Kalabar (from Halloweentown) floating-around-in-that-movie-theatre-as-a-cloaked -demonic-figure-scary.

Cow Belles

“Cow Belles” stars Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka, the singing-sister duo everyone who watched Disney Channel in the late 00’s is all to familiar with. The movie follows their characters, Taylor and Courtney, who are the daughters of the CEO of the local dairy company. After they cause an accidental house fire, their father realizes that they are just as spoiled as a glass of milk that’s been left out to long and sends them to work at the dairy company. Although this movie is not as well-recalled as “Twitches,” the home of another sisterly duo, it is still a great flick about love, siblings, and learning how to be humble.

Get A Clue

We all know about Lindsay Lohan’s dramatic characters from movies like “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” and “Parent Trap,” but on Disney Channel she starred in “Get A Clue,” as Lexy Gold, a teenage journalist who finds herself stuck in trouble after one of her teachers is murdered. A mix between Spy Kids and Nancy Drew, this movie is action packed, filled with danger, and has a fiery, non-stop lead. Everyone always has their favorite movie, but I think it would be safe to say this might be the most forgotten Disney Channel original movie. And really, that’s the true crime here.

Have fun re-living the obscure parts of your childhood. Make some popcorn for me.

Ashley Altieri

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