Beginner's Guide to Wearing Contacts

Glasses can be a hassle, and if you’re anything like me and are thinking of ditching them, you’ve probably experienced one or more of these struggles: Your glasses sliding off your face, your glasses pinching the side of your ears, and/or your glasses being a complete disruption to your life by literally getting in the way of everything.

It’s time to put these burdens to rest!

Contacts are your totally convenient BFF. They come in daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly options. To many people, the idea of poking yourself in the eye is not ideal but over time it gets better, I swear. If you’re nervous about wearing contacts for the first time and have no idea where to start keep reading for some helpful tips!

Always wash and dry your hands before removing or inserting your contacts

To avoid dirt and bacteria from transferring on your contacts it’s completely necessary for you to rid your fingers of any germs before taking them off and putting them on. If you don’t clean your fingers before handling your contacts you run the risk of causing an infection in your eye.

After you put on your contacts be sure to always wash and safely put away the case

Do NOT rinse your case or contacts with water. Water carries way too much bacteria to utilize in contact care. Only use a disinfecting contact solution to rinse out your case and contacts. After you’ve inserted your contacts in your eyes, put contact solution in the case and gently shake the case to ensure that the solution thoroughly rinses the case. Dump the solution out and let the case air out. If you re-screw the case covers on they can actually trap bacteria in the contact case. Think of it as airing out a stuffy room.

Do not reuse contact solution and make sure the solution you use is compatible with your lense type

This is the same reason that you shouldn’t clean your contact lenses with water. Reusing the same contact solution is like washing dishes with soap you previously used to wash other dirty dishes. It’s redundant, and will make your contacts feel seriously uncomfortable, and more importantly very unsafe. Ensure that you’re using the correct contact solution for your contacts as well, as contacts come in different materials that may require different solutions.

Replace your contact lense case every 3 months & don’t wear your contacts for more than the recommended time frame

Unless your contacts allow you, you should never sleep in your contacts as you run a serious risk of causing an infection as well as permanently damaging your eyes. Do not try to extend your contact wear pass the recommended wear time either. Trying to cheat the system can lead to a very unfavorable outcome. Conveniently, your contact cases will last longer than your lenses. You should replace your contact case every 3 months for sanitary reasons. They’re completely inexpensive so you won’t be breaking bank and can pick up a pack of 3 at your local Walgreens or Target for only $3!

One of the most useful and perhaps obvious tips is to gently wash and rinse your contacts with solution before you put them on and after you take them out to store away. Clearly contacts require a good amount of upkeep. If sticking to a routine like this sounds like torture to you don’t sweat it! You still have options.

Daily disposable contacts may be what you need. You get the stellar vision minus the trouble of cleaning your contacts and replacing your solution and contact cases. With daily disposable contacts you just pop them in at the beginning of your day, then throw them out when you’re ready for bed, and repeat in the morning. If contacts still don’t sound like your thing we understand – they can be high maintenance. Keep styling in your glasses!