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7 Great Taylor Swift Outfits

If you follow Taylor Swift, you know she isn’t just musically gifted, this girl is slaying it in the fashion world. The “Style” singer is able to live up to her latest single’s title thanks to her great taste in fashion. This fashionista rocks anything from 50’s inspired to pretty, sexy and classy. No matter the time or location, she always looks great. Here is a collection of Taylor’s best outfits. And hey, maybe you can use it as inspiration for your own style!


The 50’s meets the 80’s. This outfit showcases Taylor’s feminine side. The pink glasses and cat inspired shoes give it a very subtle 80’s vibe, while the light short skirt and fitted crop top reminds us something from the 50’s. You can never go wrong with “that good girl faith and tight little skirt,” like Taylor would say.

Sweet in white. This outfit is sweet and pretty; Kind of brings us back to Taylor’s more country days. The white on white and layering makes it cute without washing her out. Meanwhile, her leather brown shoes make the outfit pop. It’s perfect for those chilly, sunny days out.

Dressed in black from head to toe. You can never go wrong with all black and here, Taylor totally proves that. She shows us that she’s just like the rest of us with by rocking a band tee. To amp up her outfit, she compliments the t-shirt with the contrast of a plaid skirt and leather bag. Who says you can’t pull off edgy and girly?

Sexy and slick. Taylor gives this outfit the perfect amount of masculinity with her loose fitted shirt and print pants while giving it a feminine touch with her suede tan heels. Her slicked back loose hair gives the illusion that this was an effortless look to achieve. This remind us that you don’t need to go overboard to look sexy.

Bold and fun. This short black and white dress is super cute and fun. The mustard yellow heels make it perfect for spring and summer as well as the dress’ floral design.

Welcome to New York. This outfit has the city written all over it. It’s very chic and looks like something the glamorous girls from Gossip Girl would wear. The dark purple tones along with the gray leggings make it perfect for any cold winter day.

Classy and elegant. This dress showcases one of Taylor’s best assets, her long legs! The slit and see through top portion give her the right amount of cleavage. Taylor proves you can still show a little without giving away too much.


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