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5 Reasons to See Hidden Figures

When I was waiting to buy my ticket for Hidden Figures, I saw this group of pre-teens hype to see this movie.

One of the girls was black and all her white friends were matching her excitement. Fast forward through the previews and I realize I’m crying during the opening credits because what did I have when I was their age? I thought that Amanda Bynes, sassy black friends, secretaries and that ONE Disney princess movie was enough, but it wasn’t. This movie is important. Women supporting each other is important. A black female cast composed of scientists instead of slaves or servants is important.

If that wasn’t enough, here are five reasons to see this film.

Hollywood, Do You Hear Me?

Put your money where your mouth is. Want diversity? Inclusivity? Go to the theaters when these movies come out. Don’t wait for them to be on a streaming network. Make a day out of it. A movie starring three black women . . . about science and mathematics. I personally thought I would only care about the first half of that equation since, I lost interest in science class when they stopped showing Bill Nye: The Science Guy and The Magic School Bus. Take the young people in your life to see this movie, it’s inspiring to say the least.

Taraji P. Henson Gives Her Best On-Screen Performance to Date

We’ve seen Taraji as Cookie on Empire, a tyrant in Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself, and a caretaker in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. In order to play Katherine G. Johnson, Henson had to show a side we have never seen before. Mrs. Johnson is demure and understated; she was amazed anyone wanted to know her story. Even though Taraji P. Henson did not get an Oscar nomination, this performance will definitely guarantee her more roles that show her chops.

Mahershala Ali

I first saw Mahershala Ali in House of Cards then in the fall as Juan in Moonlight. His performance in this film as Katherine’s lover and eventual husband requires him to be loving and initially a little sexist until Katherine sets him straight.

Bring it On Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst could have been nominated for Best Supporting Actress if the Academy provided more slots. She’s a great passive-aggressive racist supervisor, so much so that you want Octavia Spencer’s character, Dorothy, to sucker-punch her. Prior to this performance, the most agitating character (in a good way) I have ever seen Dunst play was Peggy in FX’s Fargo.

You Will Leave The Theater Empowered

Don’t let anyone convince you that you don’t deserve the thing you want. The three main characters in this film had to prove repeatedly that no one can get in the way of your ambition. Not segregation, sexism, regulations, or technology. This movie will motivate you even if you consider yourself a goal oriented person.

Extra Information: This should not dissuade you to see the movie since, there are so many great things about it, but this movie includes a false narrative that contains the belittling ever-present curse of the white savior cliche. If you want the 100% real story, read the book.

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