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The warm weather is finally breaking out of its shell and my mind is already drifting off into summer daydreams. Of course, those daydreams include going on romantic dates with my boyfriend since all of the romance novels I read need to be made a reality. With the nice 70-80 degree temperature, there are plenty of simple places to go on a cute and romantic date. 

Especially if you love the outdoors and staying active, all of these ideas are social isolation-approved. This way, you won’t have to worry about protecting yourselves in crowded places. Another perk is that it’ll only be the two of you, no distractions. If you feel like you’re living in a romance novel, or feel the need to live in one, consider these five simple date ideas to swift you off your feet:


Go to the Beach

What’s more romantic than walking along the ocean when the sun is about to set? It’s usually less crowded in the evening so you’ll have the beach to yourself. If you don’t feel like walking, start a bonfire and cuddle beside it when it gets chilly after dark. If that’s not your thing either, just lay on the sand, rest on your lover’s shoulder and watch the sunset paint pictures for your eyes.

Have a Picnic

Pack your favorite snacks, make a cute charcuterie board, grab some paint and find a nice location to spend your afternoon. If you can’t find a nice, quiet spot, consider setting it up in your backyard. You can get creative with it! Make an aesthetic; have the blanket match the basket, food and glasses. Or to make it more interesting, try for a picnic under the moonlight. 


Visit the Zoo

Unlike the typical dinner dates, going to the zoo is more of a lengthy experience. It’s best to spend three to four hours there since there is so much to see. Just walking through the park and watching the adorable animals gives enough time to relax and talk about life. It’s also a perfect place to capture memories so have a camera ready and pose next to the animals.


Go on a Rowboat Ride

Find a charming lake or bay and go for a ride! It’s super romantic to sit across from your significant other and explore a new location on a boat. Play some music, sing a song together, go fishing and discover something along the water. Or just relax and get caught up in a deep conversation.

Bicycle Ride

Discover a lovely park with a decent view and go on a bicycle adventure! It’s a great way to explore new places together and bond over the scenery. It’s really fun, cheap and there’s no time limit so you can ride until you get tired. You can then find a new restaurant in the area once you’re hungry which is a great way to end the date.


The perfect date makes any moment much more memorable. These simple date ideas are fun experiences to try and easy to do in one day. Plus, you can always combine these ideas into one date. Take plenty of pictures to capture the memories, print them out, then put them in a scrapbook to store those moments forever. Enjoy!

Rosaria LoPresti

Montclair '21

Rosaria Lo Presti is a journalist with a strong passion for writing. She also enjoys reading, fashion, and traveling. During her free time, she loves to sing and play instruments or bake something delicious.
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