3 Netflix Comedy Specials to Watch as the Semester Begins

The beginning of the semester is tough. Syllabus week sounds like  a breeze, but actually reading through your syllabus can be  daunting. And those first two weeks? No matter how pumped up you are, they can get a little stressful. Buying textbooks, creating documents and staring down checklists is straight up nerve-wracking! Thankfully, laughter is the perfect remedy to the first semester burnout.

If you’re looking to find someone else to create the laughs, instead of doing it yourself, here’s three Netflix comedy specials. All of them go great with a quiet night in and some popcorn.

Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial

In a fashion that causes an uproaring  audience, Iliza performs a show that will attract all millenials, young and elder alike.  In this special, she comments on stereotypes, dating problems and struggles that all women face. If you’re looking for a real girl-powered comedy special, this one's for you. Iliza draws in her audience by utilizing her strengths such as facial expressions and, of course, her satirical powers to comment on the double standards and casual sexism women face every day. "Elder Millennial" will give you a cathartic release in the form of heavy laughter and a sore rib cage. It is a must see for any collegiate, trust me.

If you enjoy “Elder Millennial,” check out Iliza’s other Netflix specials, “Freezing Hot” and “Confirmed Kills”

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

Ali Wong is a mother and a wife, but you don’t have to be either to enjoy this raunchy, outrageous and fast-paced comedy show. In a nonstop parade of wit, Wong comments on intricacies of motherhood, marriage, pregnancy and new-found fame. She is a chaotic performer, but in all the best ways, pulling out wild gestures and animated movements to get every last laugh. You will find yourself falling in love with her red-rimmed glasses, leopard-print dress, and high cheekbones almost immediately. If you’re pressing the play button, prepare yourself for obscene jokes and a seriously good time.

If you enjoy “Hard Knock Wife,” check out Ali Wong’s other Netflix special, “Baby Cobra.”

John Mulaney: Kid Gorgeous

At this point, it’s pretty safe to say if you don’t know who John Mulaney is, you haven’t been watching a lot of comedy specials. Mulaney is a master at his craft, dragging out loads of laughs through energetic movements, relatable content and perfect deliveries (the comedy kind, not the take out kind). In “Kid Gorgeous,” he comments on the current political climate, flashes back to his college days and tells the awkward tales of his childhood. Mulaney is a performer you most definitely want to be acquainted with and this special is one you cannot afford to miss. Unfortunately, “Kid Gorgeous” is so good that Netflix chose to hoard it, foregoing any trailer. So, if you need a sample of Mulaney’s style, feel free to take a look at this clip from “The Comeback Kid.”

If you enjoy “Kid Gorgeous,” check out John Mulaney’s other Netflix specials, “The Comeback Kid” and “New In Town.”