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21 Dog Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

It’s 2018 and there’s no denying that dogs are slowly taking over our Instagram feeds. Between all of the pictures of avocado toast at brunch and sunsets on the beach, you’ve probably seen a good amount of dogs, too. They have a tendency to brighten up your day with their cuteness — hellooo, pointy ears, floppy tongues and the most adorable paw prints. Your feed definitely needs more pups. So if you find yourself scrolling through Instagram whenever you have a few free minutes throughout the day, then you need to give these furry friends a follow. 

1. @marniethedog

Marnie is a 16-year-old shih tzu who will completely steal your heart. Her tongue is always hanging in a crazy position, which makes it so much easier to love her.

2. @tunameltsmyheart

Tuna will literally never fail to make you laugh. This chiweenie is quite the funny looking dog, but it doesn’t make us love him any less. 

3. @norbertthedog

If you’re one of those people who is obsessed with tiny dogs, then you have to follow Norbert. The three-pound dog is so tiny it can be held with one hand.

4. @hotdudeswithdogs

This submission-based account is full of—you guessed it—pictures of really attractive men with dogs. Enough said.

5. @griffinfrenchie

Griffin and Haru are two absolutely adorable French bulldogs who are always posing in silly situations, like with a wine glass or in a crazy outfit. 

6. @mr_ricoslife

Rico is definitely one of those big dogs who still thinks he’s a tiny puppy. Not like I actually know him, but through his pictures I kind of feel like I do.

7. @maxkupjoooce

While Max might not have the most followers (yet), he’s still a stunner. This corgi is part of Becca Kufrin’s family, aka that girl who got broken up with on season 22 of “The Bachelor” and the next “Bachelorette.”

8. @maple.the.pup + @acoustictrench

Maple is a beautiful border collie, golden retriever and sheltie mix. She can also be found cuddling up next to her owner @acoustictrench and making music, too.

9. @julietthehusky

Huskies are undeniably gorgeous, and Juliet is no exception! Plus, her bio reads, “Brunch & weekend adventures.” We can relate.

10. @win.stagramm

So Winnie is another pup who isn’t as well known, but she’s just as cute as the others. Her mom is Olivia Muenter, the fashion and beauty editor at Bustle. They’re the definition of family goals. 

11. @deanthebasset

Dean has the floppiest ears out of all of these pups. You won’t regret following this Toronto-based basset hound. 

12. @mayapolarbear

Maya is a samoyed who looks like a snowball. If you don’t want to pet her when you see her pictures, then there’s something wrong with you. 

13. @whereslink

Link is a flawless little angel, and I honestly wish she was mine. 

14. @ruby_thecorgi

Everyone loves corgis, and Ruby is a super special one. 

15. @maui_thegoldenpup

Maui and Ruby are actually siblings, so you might see the golden retriever and the corgi together in some pictures!

16. @duckytheyorkie

Ducky is a teeny tiny yorkie. She kind of looks like one of those dogs you could just put in your purse and bring everywhere.

17. @mensweardog

The account’s entire feed is this dog dressing up in men’s clothing. You might do a double-take every you see its pictures, but it’s so worth it.

18. @calistathepitbull

Although Calista lost both of her ears and was recently diagnosed with cancer, she’s still a happy pit bull. 

19. @daisy_rey_dachshund

Daisy is quite the majestic mini dachshund, and she even has a children’s book. 

20. @puppystagrams

Puppystagrams is a submission-based account with the most adorable videos of puppies. There’s a good chance that they’ll make you say, “awww.”

21. @dogdimension

Another submission-based account, this one focuses on cute pictures of dogs and puppies.

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