18 Times 'The Grinch' Was THE Most Relatable Movie of All-Time

Every year, once the Turkey's been carved and I've spent more money than I'd care to admit thanks to Cyber Monday deals, I put on one movie to officially kick off the Christmas season - Ron Howard's masterpiece interpretation of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

The Grinch was the first movie I ever saw in theaters and it's been a favorite of mine since I was five. (I'm not ashamed to admit I watch it year round and can practically recite it word for word. Seriously.) From the incredible one-liners to the mannerisms only Jim Carey could evoke, there's a reason it's a classic. But as I've grown up one thing has become increasingly clear about this film - it might just be the most relatable movie of all-time. 

Just how relatable is it? Judge for yourself!

When the stores start playing Christmas music before Halloween (but you secretly love it)

When you go home for the holidays and remember how great it is

But you still can't help but get bored after a little while and a lot of food

When you find your old yearbook

When your ex calls out of the blue but you've already planned out what you're going to say

But seeing their name pop up on your phone brings up some undeniable ~feels~

When your BFF asks if her outfit is ok

When you finally talk to that cute boy in class 

And then he asks for your number

When you finish your finals and accept defeat

When you're having your third existential crisis this week 

When someone tries to wake you up from your nap

When you finally find the perfect outfit for that holiday party

When you laugh at your own joke because you're funny as hell

When someone invites you out and you're trying to find a good reason to say no

But you decide to go anyway

When you realize you've put off your Christmas shopping way too long

When you finally get in the holiday spirit