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11 Cozy Sweaters That Will Keep You Warm & Stylish This Fall

During the fall, most college students’ go-to outfit is probably a sweater with either jeans or leggings. The best sweaters can transition with you from your 10 AM lecture to dinner and drinks with your best friends. They’re comfortable and cute, but it can be hard to find the perfect sweater that has the right amount of warmth and softness while also being fashionable. These 11 sweaters are each the perfect amount of stylish and cozy to get you through this fall. 

1. Cut-Out Sweater from Once Upon A Skirt, $44

This adorable cut-out sweater from Once Upon A Skirt is one of the cutest I’ve seen recently. While the boutique sells some of its items online, they sell most of them at their Clifton, N.J. and Staten Island, N.Y. locations.

2. Cable Knit Balloon Sleeve Sweater from Express, $79

Good thing Express has 40% off sales so often, because all of their clothes are gorgeous. Express always has bold yet functional pieces, so this Amazon Green sweater does not disappoint. 

3. Textured Turtleneck Tunic from Old Navy, $43

Turtlenecks are great for two reasons: they keep your neck warm in case you forget a scarf and you can often hide in them if you don’t feel like talking to people. This lightweight sweater is cozy and stylish enough to wear to all of the fall activities you have planned.

4. Mockneck Batwing Tunic from Gap, $90

This sweater from Gap is so universal – you can dress it up with leather leggings and heels or dress it down with jeans and sneakers. The quality of it definitely won’t let you down, just like everything else by the brand. If only it came in more colors…

5. Draped Wrap Pullover from Francesca’s, $44

The Dylan Draped Wrap Pullover from Francesca’s will keep you warm while wearing what looks like a blouse. Like most items sold at the boutique, this dainty sweater is comfy and cute at the same time.

6. Fuzzy Cropped Sweater from Urban Outfitters, $59

Leave it to Urban Outfitters for having one of the boldest and trendiest sweaters on this list. This mustard yellow sweater is perfect for when you’re confused about the weather – it’s fuzzy to keep you warm and cropped to help cool you off all at the same time. 

7. Open-Back Sweater from American Eagle, $50

Open-back sweaters are super popular this fall, especially since almost every store sells the style. This one from American Eagle comes in three different colors and is equal parts soft and stylish.

8. Cowlneck Poncho from Target, $30

Although I think the last time I wore a poncho was in middle school, there’s something about this sweater that makes me need it right now. Next time you’re wandering aimlessly in Target, be sure to stop by the clothing section to pick up this beauty. 

9. Sweatshirt With a Belt from H&M, $25

Shopping at H&M can be a hit or miss sometimes, but it’d be worth a try for this adorable sweater with a tied belt around the hips. The bow is the perfect girly touch to an oh-so-casual sweater.

10. Lace-Up Turtleneck Sweater from Forever 21, $38  

The open shoulders and lace-up detail make this sweater perfect for the transition into fall weather. Just like H&M, shopping in a Forever 21 store can sometimes be little chaotic, so your best bet would be to order this sweater online. 

11. Faux Leather Trimmed Sweater With Pockets from Macy’s, $70

This sweater will keep you warm and cozy each time you wear it this fall. It’s longer length and faux-leather trim make it look like you put so much more effort into your outfit than you actually did. Plus, it has pockets, making it the most functional sweater on this list. 

These 11 sweaters are the perfect cozy and cute additions to your closet this fall. Now it’s time to go shopping and enjoy the sweater weather! 


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