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10 Things to Do When It’s Too Cold Outside

Some days you wake up and it’s just too cold to leave your house or dorm. We’ve all had those days and they can often turn into spending hours in bed or wandering around because you don’t know what else to do. So to alleviate that boredom, here are 10 strictly indoor things you can do when it’s just too cold outside…

1. Read a book. You know that book that you’ve been meaning to read for ages and is sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust? Well now’s the time to get cozy, make a cup of your hot drink of choice and start reading.

2. Watch a movie or have a movie marathon. Maybe you’ve been meaning to watch the latest Oscar winner or re-watch a favorite. You can even make a day of it and watch all the Harry Potter movies or Twilight movies. So pop some popcorn, grab a drink and a blanket and settle in.

3. Catch up on work. I know it might not sound like the most fun thing to do but it’ll do wonders in the long run. Just sit down and catch up on any work you’ve been putting off. You’ll feel better once you get it done and have more time later for more fun activities.

4. Organize. You know your desk drawer that you can’t find anything in? No time like the present to go through and organize it. Plus there’s definitely some satisfaction to getting rid of all those old papers and seeing everything nice and organized and in its place. Plus isn’t a snow day the perfect time to alphabetize your bookshelf?

5. Clean. Again not the most fun of activities, but you can make it more enjoyable. Put on some music and dance around while you clean the bathroom sink or sweep the floor. There’s no reason you can’t be just as productive staying home than going out.

6. Make a craft. There is no shortage of craft and DIY tutorials online.  So take some time and look for a fun craft that you can make with stuff you already have. That’s what Pinterest is for, isn’t it?

7. Bake. Look for a fun recipe online and bake away. Plus if you use an oven, it’ll warm up the room and you know you get to eat whatever you baked.

8. Exercise. I’m not suggesting you go all out but maybe take this time to try out some yoga or pilates. You can find so many great guided yoga videos on YouTube.  

9. Binge a show. A cold day is the perfect day to curl up with a blanket and find your newest Netflix addiction. I recommend Shameless for a good laugh.  

10. Nap. And if all else fails, what’s better than a nice long nap curled up in a warm bed?


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