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10 Reasons Why Studying at Montclair State University is the BEST!

Are you searching for your perfect college? Thinking about transferring? Are you are planning on going back to school? Well check out these 10 reasons why Montclair State University is your best option! After being a student here for the last 4 years, MSU has become home for me in many ways. I won’t deny that one of those reasons is that red is my favorite color but seriously, read below to find out why Red Hawk Country is the place to be!

  1. No SAT’s/ACT’s Required: As of Summer 2014, Montclair State University became the first state school in NJ to make SAT/ACTs optional for undergraduate admission. Montclair has always been a progressive college so it is great to see that MSU is among the schools turning towards a less standardized way of judging one’s intelligence.
  2. Academic Program Options: MSU was the first NJ state college to offer master degree programs AND the first to offer various doctoral programs. Currently, MSU has 6 colleges with 54 majors, 60 concentrations and 61 minors along with certificate programs including a great teacher certification program. Our graduate school has a total of 134 degree programs and over 66 certificates offered including teaching, administrative and educational certifications.
  3. Size: MSU is the second largest public university in New Jersey which means we have just enough space to get around quickly but not too much that you will get lost.
  4. State of the Art Gym: Gone are the days of boring old gymnasiums! MSU takes the cake for having one of the most impressive Recreation Centers in the nation. According to bestvaluedschools.com, Montclair State’s Rec Center was awarded the Innovative Architecture and Design Award for Recreation Management Excellence as well as a Design Award from the New Jersey Recreation & Park Association in 2009.
  5. Safety: With multiple campus resources and services, you can be sure that you’ll be safe and informed! Not only do we have the University Police Department located right at the entrance of school, we also have 24-hour foot and vehicle patrol as well as a late night transport service, per request by students. 
  6. Dining: With 18 different dining locations, going hungry at MSU is nearly impossible. Not only do we have a plethora of dining options but we are also the first (and only) college campus to have its very own diner! That means 24/7 deliciousness so get into the Jersey spirit and make sure to visit The Red Hawk Diner! (If you’re not from Jersey, you’ll come to see that diners are kind of our thing around here.) Oh yeah! Did we mention everyone’s favorite spot, Cafe Diem? Connected to Sprague Library, it’s the perfect spot to grab some coffee and get your study on!  Our Red Hawks know how to chow down so you’re bound to find something delicious to please your palette.
  7. Proximity to NYC: Montclair State is only 14 miles away from New York which means limitless fun in the city. We also have our very own train station on campus and amazing student discounts for Broadway shows. Oh the perks of being a Red Hawk!
  8. Campus Life: MSU has over 120 organizations that cover a variety of clubs, including a bustling Greek Life. We also have one of the best LGBTQ centers on campus and were just recently listed on the Campus Pride Top 25 LGBTQ-Friendly Colleges & Universities list for 2015! Being that many of these organizations are culturally, academically and lifestyle based, you are bound to find something you’ll love and meet some great people along the way. So get involved!
  9. Sports: MSU has its own baseball stadium and museum, which are both named in honor of long time friend and member of the Montclair community, the late-great Yogi Berra! We also have our own ice skating rink, Floyd Hall Arena! Pretty cool huh? Yeah we know!
  10. Forbes Magazine Status: Back in 2009, Montclair State University was donned the “Best Public University in New Jersey,” by Forbes Magazine. 


Well what are you waiting for? Come on down to Montclair and become a part of Red Hawk Country. Trust me, it’s all here!

In closing, we would like to dedicate this campus blog to Yogi Berra, who passed away September 22nd, 2015. May his legacy of hard work live on through the current and future generations of MSU students. Always a man of inspiration, we remember him through his words: “You don’t have to swing hard to hit a homerun. If you got the timing, it’ll go.” HCM would like to send a big, heartfelt thank you to Yogi Berra for all of his contributions to the MSU community.

For more information on the life and legacy of Mr. Berra, check out the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center or visit http://yogiberramuseum.org

Sophonie whom is best known as Sophie, is a Graduating Senior at what she likes to call "the best school on this side of town," Montclair State University. In her words, MSU's slogan is not far from the truth because she belives it is definitely all here! Sophie is a Psychology major and a double minor of Creative Writing & African-American Studies. Her first love is reading and second love is creating writing. This is 4th Semester as a writer for HerCampus and she couldn't be happier to still be a part of such an amazing group of young, talented writers. One of Sophie's many future goals is to become a published author.
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