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10 Halloween Costumes that will be a total HIT this year

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

The countdown for Halloween is on! As its time rolls around the corner, everyone’s shopping carts start to get filled with a range of different colors and fabrics of Halloween costumes. Most costumes draw from a range of inspiration, from TV and movie characters to iconic celebrity fashion moments. We’re here to save you from scrambling to put together an outfit and help you plan accordingly. To make this Halloween fun and enjoyable! Here are 10 Halloween costumes that will be a hit this fall!

1. Puss in Boots

The lovable and hilarious cat from the movie trilogy, I believe, will be a hit this year and something new! His great adventures from the screen should inspire you to explore new, unique costumes to wear.

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2. Ladybug

Be everyone’s good luck on the 31st by dressing up as the cutest bug. We all have that red dress in our closet that can use attention. The only necessary items are ladybug wings and black headband antennas. Then you’re all set for the night!

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3. Carrie

A classic take on the horror movie character Carrie with the iconic pink dress and “prom queen” sash. A balance between scary and cute and iconic! There’s a reason why, since 1967, the costume has always stuck around. Be prepared to be the best dressed on Halloween night!

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The extraordinary film Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig, has dominated our screens since its release on July 21st, and we predict that on Halloween, you’ll be hearing a lot of “Hi Barbie!” The accessories that will make this Halloween costume a standout are the cowboy hat and cowboy boots!

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5. Ariel from “The Little Mermaid”

Halle Bailey had us enthralled with her performance of The Little Mermaid. Reviving the classic Disney princess Ariel. You get to purchase beautiful accessories such as pearls and seashells; the possibilities to make this costume your own are endless!

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6. Vampire

There’s nothing wrong with a classic staple! The scary creature that comes to mind when you think of Halloween. Everyone always looks amazing as a vampire, and the black and red color scheme always looks good!

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7. Race Car Driver

If you’re looking for something simple and unique, this is the one! You can find the race car driver suit on Amazon, and that’s all that you need! If you’re looking for more to accessorize, a race car jacket is a few types away on Google and then you’re set!

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8. Suki from “Fast and Furious”

To keep up with the race car theme, Suki, played by Devon Aoki, the race car driver introduced to us in “2 Fast 2 Furious”. This costume offers an easy DIY Halloween character. The hardest part will be creating the pants, but if that’s too much, Dollskill has an amazing dupe for the costume.

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9. Remy Ratatouille

The adorable character from Ratatouille will not only be a totally unique character but will also add staples to your closet. A gray skirt and white corset are all you need. The only thing you have to add are mouse ears!

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10. Jigsaw

A twist on the scary Halloween character will have you relieved that the only necessary factor is red face paint. Otherwise, look in your closet, and you’ll find the black clothing items that make this costume a staple piece!

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No matter what you decide to be this Halloween, we hope you have fun and remain safe! Be sure to show us your Halloween looks on Instagram!

Hi, my name is Isabella I'm 19 years old I go to Montclair State University and I am an English major. I love reading and currently am reading "Lucky" by Marissa Stapley. I love all things fashion as well and am currently binging Gilmore Girls to get me excited for fall.