Top Ten Things to Do With Your Tax Return

  1. Get a haircut at Boom Swagger. They give out mimosas!
  2. Buy a book. Remember reading for fun? Yeah, me neither.
  3. Buy your favorite movie
  4. Go skiing or snowboarding. If that’s too easy and you do it already, try the other.
  5. Road trip for the weekend with friends. Fernie, Jackson Hole, Bozeman, and Spokane are all within an easy day’s drive!
  6. Go out to a nice restaurant—Silk Road, Ciao Mambo, The Iron Horse, to name a few!
  7. Buy yourself the wine or beer that has tempted you the last five months every time you went to the grocery store. Oh, and that expensive pasta, too. And the cheap box of cake.
  8.  Buy the album that you listen to shamelessly for free on iTunes.
  9. Donate to a good cause. Why not.
  10.  Sign up for a sweet 5k that’s coming to Missoula. Color Me Rad will be here in May, and the Dirty Dash comes at the end of the summer! And, this is a great excuse for new running shoes and ridiculously priced workout clothes. Ahem, Lululemon tops.