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Mac Kelly

This week’s campus cutie is Mac Kelly from Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. Kelly can be found playing bass on the weekends in his rock band Yeti. He also coaches a middle school lacrosse team and is the president of the Business Careers in Entertainment Club. His sweet demeanor and funny sense of humor often attributes to his success at UM.

The Vitals
Age: 21
Major: Business Management
Sign: Gemini

What did you learn from your first heartbreak? Don’t date a girl with daddy issues.  Not everything that glimmers is gold.

Do you have a professor crush?  I had a crush on my public speaking TA. She was a tall, thin, brunette.  On the last day of class, she gave me a B+ and I never saw her again.

Best pick-up line? Pick-up lines are too manufactured; I try and compliment something about their outfit.

By: Caitlyn Fransen

Campus Correspondant- My Campus Montana, [email protected] Colette Maddock is a senior at the University of Montana (class of 2011). She is a print Journalism major and a Women's Studies minor from Whitefish, Montana. This summer she interned at Skiing Magazine. She is passionate about winter sports, and loves skiing and figure skating. In her spare time she reads tons of books, tries to cook, and spends time with her friends.
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