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Why We Need New Harry Styles Music ASAP

It has been almost two years since Harry Styles’ self-titled debut album was released. As a reminder, it is 10 tracks of pure heaven. The album was everything that I wanted and more from Harry.

As a (semi-obsessed) fan of One Direction, I loved his presence as the Prince of Pop. However, when I first heard that he was making a solo album, I secretly wished for a departure from his bubblegum pop past. I knew that his music taste coincided with mine, with bands like Fleetwood Mac and The Rolling Stones being among some of his favorites, and I prayed that those influences would shine through on the album.

Boy, did they shine through.

Harry showed his vulnerable side with soft acoustic tracks, such as “Meet Me in the Hallway” and “From the Dining Table.” The latter is completely underrated, and it has one of my favorite lyrics ever written: “Comfortable silence is so overrated.”

Let us not forget his rock n roll side. I don’t want to be dramatic, but “Kiwi” may be the best thing to ever grace the music industry.

I am craving a new album from Harry, and I am so excited to see where his musicality goes from here. Maybe he’ll record a duet with Stevie Nicks? A girl can dream…

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Harry’s endless positivity and “Treat People With Kindness” campaign only make it easier to love him. The anticipation for the second album is real. The world just feels like a better place when there’s new Harry music blasting through my car’s speakers.

This all brings me to one question: Harry, where you at?

Jenna Puglisi

Monmouth '19

Jenna founded Monmouth's chapter with her co-correspondent and BFF, Christi. Jenna is a senior at Monmouth, studying English with a minor in Public Relations. Her greatest love is writing, which she practices through journalism, poetry, and a personal blog at https://jennapug.com/. When she isn’t writing, you can find her wandering around bookstores, dancing at concerts, and drinking obscene amounts of coffee.
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