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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Monmouth chapter.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have guilty pleasures. For some it’s taking selfies, for others maybe it’s dancing like no one’s watching. Maybe it’s even something like popping pimples. Hey – I won’t judge yours if you don’t judge mine! My personal guilty pleasure just happens to be watching reality television shows.

There’s really a reality television series for everyone. You’re into action and adventure? Great, check out Survivor or The Amazing Race! Prefer a sappy love story? There’s over 20 seasons of The Bachelor just waiting for you to watch them. In search of an inspirational story or in the mood to tear up a little? You’re in luck: there’s probably a The Biggest Loser marathon on somewhere.

My absolute favorite reality television series is The Real Housewives. Luckily for me, there’s wealthy housewives everywhere and Bravo manages to follow them all. My personal favorite installment of the series is the one in New Jersey. Not only is it so close to home for me (I only live about 30 minutes from where the majority of the filming is done!) but it also has the most drama. After all, who can forget Teresa Giudice’s iconic table flipping scene? Some of my other favorite installments include Orange County, Atlanta and Dallas. It doesn’t matter where they are, as long as there’s catty name calling and screaming matches, I’ll be watching.


I’m not ashamed of my love for reality television. While it might not be as intense as House of Cards or as groundbreaking as the evening news, it’s entertaining and fun to watch. Why can’t that be enough to qualify a TV show as a good one?

Not everything in life has to be informative – sometimes, enjoyable is simply adequate. For anyone that turns their nose up at the thought of reality TV, I challenge you to turn on an America’s Next Top Model marathon or catch the new season of Jersey Shore. Who knows? You might even find your newest guilty pleasure.

Sara Sikora

Monmouth '19

Sara is a senior at Monmouth University, with a major in communications and a minor in psychology. She is also the social media director for Monmouth's Her Campus chapter! Sara can be found drinking copious amounts of coffee, at the beach or at a yoga class.