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Between all the dating apps out there and mix in a global pandemic where the place I thought I would be meeting people, you can’t mingle at, I am over these talking phases that end up either in ghosting or absolutely nowhere.  I cannot tell someone my favorite color or what my interests are again, or my major or my dream job. I am drained and tired of it and it is so exhausting to play these “I don’t care that much” games with guys that I am actually interested in. I know that sounds like I am putting a lot of pressure on something that is so small at the current moment, but between the amount of talking phases I have been through and then the number of times I have been ghosted, I am ready to scream.

 I am not saying I want to date every guy I come in contact with on these apps or just in life. That is so much farther from the truth. I am talking about where you maybe have gone out once or twice and are talking and still getting to know one another. That, I can’t do again. Maybe it is just my luck, but it always seems to fizzle out. We get to the second date and it just ends, normally with no reason, and normally from them. The two times I have ended it myself have come back to bite me.

I have never had a boyfriend and personally I am okay with that. I don’t need one, but these talking and games phases I just cannot do anymore. Especially the games, which I am not so great at and just get frustrated with the other person. If I want to talk to you, I am going to talk to you. I do the same thing with friends, if I want to hang out, I am going to ask you to hang out. There is no turn in my eyes about whose time it is to ask to hang out or to start the conversation. First off I am way to impatient to do that and secondly I just don’t think it is kind. If you are interested, flat out do something about it or just call it off. I don’t need 6 hours of no text and then at midnight for someone to text me “are you up?”

I am over these phases and I am almost over dating in general. It is so much work and the end result never work out in my favor. I know this is the process of maybe eventually dating someone and to find out if you are interested in that other person, but this is exhausting, and the communication is just never there. I just cannot go through one more talking phase that is going to end nowhere.


Sarah Elizabeth

Monmouth '21

Sarah is currently a senior history/political science secondary education major with a minor in sociology. Her biggest dream in life is to be a middle or high school history teacher or to open up her own coffee shop. She loves dogs, strawberries, hiking and green tea.