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Why Everyone Should Have A Plant in College

  1. Plants create a responsibility, but it isn’t as stressful as a pet

I’m going to be throwing this back to my roommate article when we decided that it would be wonderful to get a pet. Newsflash: it wasn’t and it’s INCREDIBLY hard to take care of an animal. Not to mention that animals move and need social attention. The bottom line is you don’t need to pet your plant to make sure it stays healthy.


  1. It adds an atmosphere to your room

Hey, I guess this is going to be an article that will promote my others, but here’s a flash back to my anger management article. Plants create an openness to your room; there’s a reason your “sim” always felt better with a potted plant in their living room! This openness releases your stresses and makes you feel less cramped and suffocated.


  1. Plants are your children

Kind of like the first point, but this one has a little more hold. Now I am not knocking the people who have children in college, but to those who are single with that motherly gene, plants fulfill that for you. You won’t need a plant sitter, and if you go home the weekends (if you dorm) they will not die on their own.


  1. They create a routine

Whether you have a morning routine set in stone or you just run around until you feel like everything is complete, having the task of watering and checking your plant every morning will form a small routine for you. This will amplify your confidence every time you’ve checked off caring for your plant baby!


  1. That Growing Accomplishment

For those who take the big task of starting from scratch rather than buying an already grown plant, here is going to be the most gratifying feeling: growth. Nothing is better than knowing that you’ve done everything correct with germinating and planting your seeds and then seeing that they are beginning to sprout.


  1. Inspiration

Whether you’re an artist, writer, or even just need that extra boost to do your homework, plants are a great inspiration to begin that. Draw those leaves or petals, become the next Walt Whitman, or just pretend the plant is like your academic career, always growing. I promise, there is nothing but benefits to having a plant!


Skylar Daley

Monmouth '20

Hi guys! I'm the Co-CC for the Monmouth chapter. I'm an English major at Monmouth University and I'm totally obsessed with Stephen King and gothic lit.
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