Travel Bag Essentials

Traveling could be very stressful between packing your luggage, not meeting the weight requirements for your luggage, and trying not to miss your plane. Although the stress is almost always worth it when you finally get to your destination, during the process you want to cry (or at least I sure do). If you feel the same way then continue reading because I am here to help you pack your carry-on bag for easier travel and less stress!


I always bring a backpack as my carry-on bag because it fits everything I need and it’s very convenient since it is hands free. I usually get a cute backpack from Target or Amazon! Inside I always bring:


For entertainment, I bring my Ipad or computer to download a movie on or catch up on work. Headphones to listen to either a podcast or my music. A good book for those times you want just want to relax and get in vacation mode. Lastly, I always bring all my chargers and a portable charger in my carry-on bag just in case I run low on power.


As far as medicine, I always bring Advil, Bonine, and hand sanitizer. We all know that travelling is filled with germs so I always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with me. I am also very prone to migraines and motion sickness so I find that Advil and Bonine help me with staying as well as possible during long trips.


Snacks are also essential on having a positive traveling experience because we all know when we are hungry we are just angry and very hard to deal with. I always being my favorite snacks to get me through the day and I always bring a pack of gum as well.


I tend to bring my favorite beauty products along with me as well. A very small makeup bag is perfect for carrying powder incase my skin gets oily, bronzer to freshen up, blush and, of course, lip gloss; my favorite lip gloss is NYX butter gloss in the color Crème Brulee. In addition, I bring extra hair ties just in case mine breaks, facial wipes for hydration, lip balm, and a small hair brush since my hair tends to get knotty from my neck pillow - also essential to bring along. Lastly, I bring an extra pair of socks as a backup!


Lastly, the most important items that you NEED to bring on any vacation or travel of any kind is your license, money, credit cards, passport, and your ticket – duh!


If you are traveling soon then use this guide as a checklist and fill your bag with your favorite items!