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Just like how some people like making goals and resolutions for the year, I have found it easier to make goals for the season. It is not as daunting as for a whole year and I get to change it up four times a year. My main goal for March was to go to the beach every day and for April I am thinking of making a goal to go on a 1-2 mile walk every day. I haven’t figured out what I want to do for May yet, but I am thinking maybe trying a new recipe twice a week.

March, I have been successful beside Thursday when it rained. I went home twice, and my housemate facetimed me to show me the beach which was so kind. But I have found the .5 mile walk there and then back is something I look forward to every day and is a nice brain break from staring at the computer all day. And then seeing the water, especially how calm it has been lately, is also one of my favorite parts. The sand and the air are the best feelings in the world and they are both so calming.

April might be tricker; I am finishing up my student teaching, but my assessment will be done by then so hopefully I will be able to fit in a 1-2 mile walk each day. I have my housemate on board with the idea and said she will do it with me. My mom always says walking calms anxiety and with PCOS, it is one of the few exercises I can do without raising any cortisol and testosterone levels.

May might also be a little tricky. I am really good at burning stuff and not the best with cooking, but we will see. I do love cooking and trying new recipes, but they just don’t always “pan” out right. My dad is a really good cook and my mom is a good baker, I just didn’t get those genes. But hopefully, with practice, May will change that.

My goals depend on the season and how much time I have. I’m graduating so I’ll have a little more time, but I know in the fall, my goals have to be a little smaller. But I think it is a nice way to freshen up your life and season.


Sarah Elizabeth

Monmouth '21

Sarah is currently a senior history/political science secondary education major with a minor in sociology. Her biggest dream in life is to be a middle or high school history teacher or to open up her own coffee shop. She loves dogs, strawberries, hiking and green tea.
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