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Senior Year, As Told By John Mulaney

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Monmouth chapter.

John Mulaney – America’s Sweetheart.

If you’ve seen any of his Netflix stand up specials, you know that he is laugh-out-loud relatable. The end of senior year is filled with stress and reflections, and the best way to describe those emotions are through his jokes.

1. At this point, if you’re single, you have given up on love.

2. The tolerance for drama is at an all-time low. You much rather talk out a problem than encounter passive aggressive nonsense.

3. Tbh, it’s hard to not be tired all the time. You want to make the most out of this semester, but canceling plans can also be a beautiful experience.

4. You may be regretting some of those cringe-worthy freshman year hookups.

5. Speaking of freshman year… if you compare photos of yourself from back then to photos of you now, this is generally your reaction.

6. You’re suddenly realizing that you haven’t been living in reality for the past 4 years, and you’re kinda nervous about becoming an adult.

7. As you begin to look at the job market, you may even be regretting your choice in major.

8. Sleep. What even is sleep?

Let’s be serious, you wouldn’t change any of those memories for anything. Whether you’re excited or nervous to graduate, just remember that there is always something better around the corner! But if you’re feeling a little down and need a laugh, check out John’s latest special, Kid Gorgeous, on Netflix.

Jenna Puglisi

Monmouth '19

Jenna founded Monmouth's chapter with her co-correspondent and BFF, Christi. Jenna is a senior at Monmouth, studying English with a minor in Public Relations. Her greatest love is writing, which she practices through journalism, poetry, and a personal blog at https://jennapug.com/. When she isn’t writing, you can find her wandering around bookstores, dancing at concerts, and drinking obscene amounts of coffee.