Review of the movie “Parasite”

Last weekend, I decided to delve into the foreign film category and watch the newly-released Korean film Parasite. Typically, I don’t usually watch foreign films, but this new movie had such great reviews (a 99% on rotten tomatoes!) that I had to give it a try. My boyfriend’s roommate is also a movie conousier, and he highly recommended it as well.


The movie follows the story of a poor, destitute family living in South Korea who, under false identities, gain high paying jobs in the home of a wealthy, yet strange, family. While working in the well-to-do home, the family must keep it a secret that they are related, so as to not expose their con-act into making loads of money.


Although it may not seem like it, this movie REALLY messes with your head. It starts off seemingly normal, then through sudden twists and turns, escalates exceptionally fast. It really makes your head spin. I found myself holding my breath a multitude of times throughout the film, as it seemed to get crazier and crazier as the film progressed.


On the plus side, even though there are some extremely intense scenes, there is quite a decent amount of humor and comedy scattered throughout to lighten the mood. This comedic relief was greatly needed, as my pulse seemed to be through the roof for much of the film.


Overall, I strongly recommend this film to those who haven’t seen it yet. It is an exceptional foreign film, and does a great job of combining a comedy with a thriller. It definitely will not leave you bored for one second, and will leave your mouth gaping open by the end.