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Playlists for the Lovesick, Heartbroken, and Everyone in Between

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Monmouth chapter.

Well ladies, it’s that time of year once again: Valentine’s Day. A parade of pink and red hearts, roses, chocolate, and (sometimes sickening) love. Valentines can be a tough day for people, especially those of us dying for a date on the 14th. But what’s better to bring us out of a funk than some good music. I’ve put some playlists together for everyone. Whether you’re madly in love, loving yourself, or drinking away the pain on Valentine’s Day… these playlists are for you.


Let’s start with my lovebirds. Music can be an intimate, creative, beautiful way to express your love for someone else. Some of my personal favorite love songs come from Harry Styles (a god on earth), FINNEAS, Ed Sheeran, and Stevie Wonder. I know it’s quite a variety, but love can be felt by everyone so why would we limit ourselves to one genre? Below is a list of songs that I think those of you in love will play for your boo on February 14th

“Nothing”—Bruno Major                                           “She Keeps Me Warm”—Mary Lambert

“Space Girl”—Frances Forever                                 “Sweet Creature”—Harry Styles

“Let’s Fall in Love for the Night”—FINNEAS                     “All to Myself”—Dan + Shay

“Every Way”—Rex Orange County                          “Like Real People Do”—Hozier

“I Couldn’t Be More in Love”—The 1975                “I Knew”—Lizzy McAlpine

“Apple Pie”—Lizzy McAlpine                                              “Kiss Me”—Ed Sheeran

“Cherry Wine”—Hozier                                             “You Are the Sunshine”—Stevie “Wonder

“Afterglow”—Ed Sheeran                                          “Ma Belle Evangeline”—Jim Cummings

“Partners in Crime”—FINNEAS                               “So This is Love”—Mike Douglas


Up next, we will cover my fellow lonely gals. The ones planning on binge eating chocolate on Valentine’s night. Some of you may be going through a tough breakup, your crush didn’t ask you out, or you just can’t find the one. For us, I have a collection of songs that will let us sing and cry that loneliness away. Maybe next year we’ll find someone to spend Valentine’s with but for now, let’s cry it out together.

“Girl Crush”—Harry Styles                                       “Happier”—Ed Sheeran

“Same Room”—JP Saxe                                            “drivers license”—Olivia Rodrigo

“Be My Mistake”—The 1975                                    “you were good to me”—Jeremy Zucker

“July”—Noah Cyrus                                                   “Julia”—Jeremy Zucker

“i love you”—Billie Eilish                                         “Falling”—Harry Styles

“Two Ghosts”—Harry Styles                                     “She Used to be Mine”—Jessie Mueller

“oh, Mexico”—Jeremy Zucker                                  “wish you were gay”—Billie Eilish

“Sign of the Times”—Harry Styles                            “Love in the Dark”—Adele

“Honeymoon”—The Shadowboxers                          “I’ll Never Love Again”—Lady Gaga


Lastly, we have the people who are loving the single life. Gal-entines day was meant for you guys, and I wish I was on your guys’ level. For you, I have a list of songs about loving yourself, loving the people around you, and just reveling in the fact that you’re a bomb ass b**ch.

“Good Days”—SZA                                                   “Soulmate”—Lizzo

“Like A Girl”—Lizzo                                                 “Josslyn”—Olivia O’Brien

“Pierre”—Ryn Weaver                                               “Best Friend”—Rex Orange County

“Juice”—Lizzo                                                                       “King Kunta”—Kendrick Lamar

“Carolina”—Harry Styles                                          “Love on Top”—Beyonce

“Let’s Do It Again”—J Boog                                     “Blow Your Mind”—Dua Lipa

“Ridin’ Solo”—Jason Derulo                                     “Perm”—Bruno Mars

“Shake It”—Metro Station                                         “Everything Changes”—Jessie Mueller

“Last Night’s Mascara”—Brynn Cartelli                   “Plastic Hearts”—Miley Cyrus


I could add on to these forever, but I decided to spare you. To everyone out there, lonely or loving, have the happiest Valentine’s Day. Sing your heart out, babe.



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