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As Thanos once said, “Dread it. Run from it. Finals week arrives all the same. And now, it’s here.”

Ok, so that’s a bit fabricated, but that’s right - finals week has arrived. We all hate it because of the immense stress and upcoming deadlines, but think about how you have finished a semester of college amidst a worldwide pandemic – be proud!

Since most universities are finishing the semester virtually, it’s vital to take time away from your screen. Your health and happiness come before everything, so take care of yourself during finals week.

Here are some ways you can take time to relax:


It is crucial that you get a good night’s sleep, especially during a stressful week. By snoozing, you are allowing your body and mind time to recharge so you can own the next day!

2.Make a Schedule

This is a life-saver. Keeping yourself organized during a chaotic period will keep you prepared. Whether its handwritten or typed, that’s up to you. Good luck!

3.Practice Self-Care

As I said before, your health and happiness matters. Don’t push yourself to get everything done at once; take care of yourself. Take a shower, put on a face mask, sing, dance, laugh, cook, bake – do something fun!

4.Watch Movies

The fall semester ends during the holiday season, so watch a holiday movie to get in the spirit! You can watch anything you want – from comedies, romances, dramas, to horror flicks. There’s endless possibilities to take your mind away from school and enter another universe.

5. Listen to Music

Put on your favorite artists, albums, playlists, etc. and enjoy it! I usually lay in bed, put my headphones in and blast something uplifting and fun. The holiday season is upon us, so you can even listen to holiday music to relax you.

6. Take a Drive

If you have a car, get in and drive around. You don’t have to get out of the car, you can mindlessly drive around for a bit. It will help you clear your head, and taking in the world around you will boost your mood.

7. Get Fresh Air

Put the books and laptop down, grab a coat and step outside. It’s important to not hole yourself indoors for several days – go outside and take in the scenery surrounding you. Appreciate the world around you.

8. Spend Time With Family

Surrounding yourself with family is one of the best ways to relax during finals week. School is not everything, and don’t let it consume you. Being around loved ones reminds you why you work so hard. Always remember how proud they are of you.

9. Take Breaks

 Step away from the schoolwork. Cramming for an exam will do you more damage than it will success. Spend 5-10 minutes doing something fun, then return to your work.


You don’t have to do a full-blown workout, it could be as simple as going for a walk or practicing breathing exercises. Physical activity will benefit your mental health and allow you to get rid of any stress.

11. Socialize With Friends

Plan to hang out with friends, whether it be in person or through technology. Socializing will improve your mental health and general happiness. Go see a movie, go shopping, or even study together. Their presence means more than you think.

12. Don’t Put So Much Pressure on Yourself

School is school. I know it may seem like you need to be perfect at everything, but in college, that’s not the case. Grades do not define you. Do the best you can because that’s all that matters.


Allison is 21 years old and currently a senior at Monmouth University. She is an English major and hopes to enter a career in digital content writing or social media marketing. She loves all things pop culture - tv shows, movies, music, beauty, and more!
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