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Whether you’re an artist, designer, writer, or anything that requires a creative flow, a block can be a large problem when a deadline is set and creates a stress on your body.

For me these are ways that I get over a creative block.


Take a walk, break, or have a change of scenery

Taking a break will give your mind some time to relax. Sometimes a project can be overwhelming and stressful. Sitting in one spot, dwelling on the fact that you cannot advance, is not okay. Whether you go get coffee, take a nice walk, or even just go visit a friend it can help your mind get in the groove the next time you sit down to work again.


Change your focus or medium

Changing to a different art medium could allow your ideas to expand. For example, if you are working on an essay or writing piece, moving to a different medium like paint could help relieve stress and get your mind off the focus.


Think about the end goal

By working backwards and brainstorming about the end goal, you can get a good idea of what you want. By knowing exactly what the end goal is it can give you a specific idea on what you need. For me being a graphic designer, thinking about the aesthetic and the response I want from the audience, gives me a good idea of what types of colors, themes and techniques I need to use to produce the right content.


Completely start over, this may sound crazy but…

…it is probably one of the best things that help me during a creative block. When I know what I want yet can’t find pieces that go together, or it didn’t work as planned…. I most likely will stop what I’m doing and start over. When a deadline comes up faster than expected, it takes less time to completely start off to get more and new ideas flowing, then being stuck on something for too long.


Give it time

If there is not a deadline or you are creating something in free time it may just be ok to give it time. Carry on with day to day activities, and over time the world will inspire you to continue your work.


I am a junior Graphic Design major at Monmouth University. I love crafts, photography, traveling, and my dogs. :)
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