Curly Hair Struggles

“Is your hair naturally like that?”  “Did you get a perm?” “Do you do that yourself?”  “Can I...touch it?”

  These are just some of the few common questions that a curly girl is asked by people on a daily basis. Of course, we’re extremely flattered but people underestimate the struggles that we go through with having these crazy, distinct curls. I am here today to bring us curly girls struggles with our hair to the surface. Grab a towel, a wide tooth comb and a hair mask because we’re about to dive into a curly girls mind.


  1. Day One is Always the Best Day

The wash day is seriously always the best day. The curls look pretty close to perfect as if they were curled by using a curl wand, frizz level is close to a zero and the volume is at its highest potential. Not only does it look like you’re practically wearing a wig but it also feels like it. Soft and silky curls do exist; on day one!


    2. People Don’t Comprehend That They Can’t Pull the Curls Apart

This is a number one no-no. Frizz will ensue if you do such a thing! I know, I know, they look so fun and intriguing but you keep those fingers off. Curly hair actually stays best if it isn’t touched at all when it’s first washed. So here’s a tip for you curly girls; keep your hands off your hair when it is fresh out of the shower. If you want to throw in some product, put it in and then keep those creepy, crawly fingers away.



    3. Your Bathroom is Practically a Hair Salon

Because of the fact that you can not remember for the life of you which products you like and which you don’t, you can practically sell products of out there. You literally have that many “in stock”. It’s actually a guessing game you play with your hair when you put something in it that you haven’t used in a while; will it come out the way you like it or will it be something you need to toss out ASAP?


    4. You’ve Come to Accept that Day Three/Four Are Not Good Day’s

 At this point, you’re either rocking a messy bun (because what other kind of bun can curly hair actually accomplish) or have a headband in it to make it still look full. The curls look, how I like to call it, deflated. They’re dull and dead, the frizz is at it’s finest hour and you’re completely fed up. You need a wash and you need it now.

    5. Do Not Even Attempt to Bring a Brush to Curls Dry

        One word; Troll.



 If you’re anything like me, the feeling of product in your hair is highly uncomfortable. Therefore, you’re sometimes turned away from product because of the feel left after use. BUT, there are amazing products out there like leave in conditioners, curl defining lotions or hair oils that don’t leave your hair feeling icky.


Curly hair is all about routine and figuring what works for your hair. Like anything else, there are always some tips and tricks that help. At the end of the day though, everyone’s hair is different; especially us curly girls! Find what works for you so you can rock those hot curls!

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