All the Reasons Why Shoobies Should Be Your New Favorite Band

Are you looking for someone new to add to your playlist? I’ve got you covered. Shoobies is an indie-rock band from the Jersey Shore suburbs. Their songs will make you want to dance all night and fall in love; a.k.a. the best kind of songs.

Shoobies named their band after the Nickelodeon cartoon Rocket Power, their lead singer collects first edition books, and their drummer goes by the name “Beef.” They are totally dorky yet completely cool. Once you check them out, I guarantee you’ll be obsessed.

Their discography includes three EPs, with a full-length debut album currently being written. On their Spotify, you’ll find seven bops that are waiting to bless your eardrums. Some will have you transported to a dreamy Hawaiian beach (“Daisy”), while other tracks will have you singing into your straightening iron as you’re getting ready to hit the bar with your girls (“Hunny”).

The band consists of Casey Marley Breidenbach (vocals/guitar), Brandon Page (drums), Dylan Bailey (bass), Kevin Miller (guitar), and Dylan Skorge (guitar). They’re all really cute, but the important thing is that they’re crazy talented because this is 2018 and they’re more than just their looks… so cute though.

Casey leads the band with a seventies heart and a twenties mind. He belongs to any decade except this one, and that is evident in his songwriting. He writes about a love that's complicated and real. The music illustrates a heartache that's far from the nonchalance of our hookup culture.

Although, there's one song that boasts, “We don’t care about you!” Shoobies may not love the girl in “Violet,” but she is a fun time. It’s also their most streamed song on Spotify, and it was recommended by YouTube vlogger Bianca Robles to her thousands of subscribers. The song is reminiscent of “Girls” by The 1975, which is perfect because Casey also looks like Matty Healy’s long lost little brother.

Their rock and roll side can be heard in “Sex,” which has an accompanying music video that gives me major Alfred Hitchcock vibes. Is there such a genre as Hitchcock-Sexy? I don’t know, but there is now:

If you want to explore their more mellow side, I definitely recommend listening to “Peachy.” While it’s hard to choose, this one is probably my favorite track. Its lyrics are so bittersweet, and my heart fills up every time I listen to it.

In terms of fangirling opportunities, Shoobies are in the best point of their career. If you send them a tweet proclaiming your love for them, you’ll get a reply. If you go to one of their gigs, you'll actually have a chance to talk to them and score a photo. When they’re inevitably playing to sold-out arenas, you can say that you knew them before they were big. *Swoon*

You can find them @ShoobiesNJ on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated on their upcoming music and shows! Go dance and fall in love.