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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Molloy chapter.

Are you a college student in need of money but don’t have the time, energy, or transportation to leave your campus or home to go to some mall job that you’ll probably end up hating anyway? Well if this describes you, why don’t you try doing work-study. Work-study is basically an on campus or sometimes off campus (transportation usually provided) job where you are able to work in various areas around your campus. It’s a good and convenient way to way to make money whether you live on or off campus.

             Work-study jobs usually have the student speak to the director of whichever area of the school they wish to work in. For example, if you would want to help work in the financial aid office you would simply go to the office and ask the manager about applying. Oh, and speaking of applying, when you apply for a work-study job you don’t have to give in your résumé or a letter of recommendation, if anything the most you usually have give in is your Financial Aid (if you took out any loans) and a form of ID. Work-study is more intended to be a service to the students and the schools rather than a strict employment office.

            Work-study jobs can range from working sports games, working the desks at financial aid, directories, or any other office in your respective campuses, for working the sports games depending on which games you work you can either be a ball-shagger (which is basically just collecting the balls that go out of the field and depending on which game you’re working giving them back to the players), working in the cafeteria where you can help serve you fellow classmates their food, or just being a secretary at a desk around campus. No matter which you choose to do it becomes a good way to ear a little extra cash on the side even if you don’t live on campus once you’re here class you already have a job waiting for you. But just my personal advice, if you’re going to work an outdoor sports game I wouldn’t recommend doing it while it’s cold outside (believe me by the time you’re done you’ll have frostbite in places you couldn’t imagine). But no matter where you work a little cash on the side never hurt anybody.