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Survive the Second Half of Spring Semester with Vera Bradley and Milani!

On your first week back from Spring Break, forgetting shampoo may be a thing that you might have done. Fear not!

Her Campus Molloy College, has got your back with a giveaway coming very soon, make sure you follow us on Twitter and Instagram and Like us on Facebook to keep updated on how you can win some of these great items!

 Keep your eyes open for a chance to win TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo smelling luscious is guaranteed!

Do you have a lot of textbooks, a laptop, maybe an ipad, a mini horse or a village that you bring with you to campus? No worries, we are also giving away two beautiful  Vera Bradley  Ella tote bags with plenty of room for all of your essentials!

Keeping healthy can be as easy as eating gummies! We’re giving away packs of AZO Cranberry Gummies in your goody bags. Try out the most trusted over-the-counter brand for the one infection no one is ever ready for.

Keep losing your college ID? These Vera Bradley Zip ID Cases might solve those problems for you. Keep everything in one place and never lose your ID again! – Need an extra pair of shoelaces or straps for a bracelett? Double up on uses with Brappz Straps!

There is your staple black eyeliner and then there are three other fun summer colors coming to you, in turquoise, a high-impact purple and an aqua. These are all waterproof and great for those hot days on the beach! Don’t worry about anything running off in the water!

What’s better than an on the go, hand sanitizer with a holder from the CEA Study Abroad Programme? You never know when you’re going to need a quick clean up! These are a handy little touch to your purse!

Make sure you Follow, Like and Subsribe to us on all platforms for a chance to win a goodie bag full of these amazing products!

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