Profile: Skylar Greenwald



Name: Skylar Greenwald

Hometown: Laguna Beach, California

Major: Musical Theatre

1. How long have you been involved in theatre productions?

I started theater in preschool, my first show was Annie and I played a random orphan. Despite how young I was I already knew I never wanted to stop. I continued doing theater throughout elementary school, went to Orange County School of the Arts for high school and am continuing to study here at Molloy and Cap21. If I was to count the years, it would be 17 years.

2. When did you realize theater was for you?

The moment I stepped on stage in my first leading role playing none other than Gabriella Montez in a production of High School Musical when I was 8 years old, I knew this was going to be my life. The feeling of being on stage, under the lights, performing for all these people gave me such a special feeling I never wanted to go away.

3. What is your biggest dream role and why?

My biggest dream role has and will most likely always be Elphaba in Wicked. I know it sounds super cliche but it was my first musical I ever saw, so it holds a special place in my heart. I also just have always wanted to be the green girl.

4. Long term goal? Short term goal?

My long term goal for me is Broadway. One day I want to see my name in lights and perform on one of those famous stages that so many greats have graced before me. Short term goal is to keep learning and soaking in the wealth of information I am getting going here at Molloy College and at CAP21.

5. Why did you choose to come to Molloy?

I chose Molloy merely because CAP21 was affiliated with it and I loved the idea of getting a BFA in theater arts. I chose CAP21 because it's a renowned theater program with amazing alumni and teachers. I knew it would be a perfect place for me. After a while though, Molloy really grew on me and I love both my schools very much.

6. Have you ever been hired to be in a theatrical performance before?

I have been hired in a thatrical perforance professionally. My first and only professional show I have done is the one I finished most recently which was Hazel.

7. What was it like being in Hazel?

It was the best experience I have had my entire life. I have never learned more then being in this show working with professionals. Not only did I get better at my craft but I learned how to do the work and how to do it fast, which they don't teach you in school. It was a 3 week process and probably one of the most intense things I've ever done and I wouldn't have traded this experience for the world. It was a blessing that I will never forget.

8. What do you do to prepare for a role?

To prepare for a role I dig deep into who this person is. I figure out their backstory and what about them I can then relate to myself. I also go through my script and do something called the 4 lists. Those lists are, 1.Incontrovertible facts about your character, 2. Things you say about others, 3.Things others say about you, 4. Things you say about yourself. These lists allow you to dissect the script and really figure out everything you need to know about the character you’re playing. I learn my lines and put intentions behind each one, I learn my music and do the same to those lines. I figure out my subtext and I pretend to be the character everywhere I go, I figure out how she talks, walks, eats, sits, everything! You have to be specific!

9. How rigourous is theater performance? And the CAP21 program?

It is very rigorous so if you are not ready for the crazy ride get out as fast as you can. It's a lot of work and training and practice, but if you do it all you will see improvement and you will get better and better. You have to work hard on both your academics and in your CAP21 classes and it can become overwhelming, so you must be 100% committed.

10. Have you thought about being in Cinema/Movies

Maybe in the future when I need extra money in my pocket I'd dabble into Film, but there's something about live theater that made me want to do it in the first place! It's magical!