Profile: Raquel Gamboa

Name: Raquel Gamboa

Year: Senior

Major: Accounting and Communications Media

Hometown: Seaford

What is it like to be a double major? "I think it's interesting to be a double major because my concentrations are so different from each other. Accounting and business are very straight and to the point, whereas Communications is very open and reaches out to one's creative side more. Although I enjoy both my majors, it can get difficult at some times depending on which classes I'm taking in either field."

What made you be a double major? "I went to Molloy's Business Bootcamp the summer going into my senior year of high school. There I was taught that Accounting is the language of business and that you could work in any field with a degree in Accounting. I always had a feeling I would go towards a business degree so that boot camp really helped to narrow it down to a concentration. I've always enjoyed watching films as well and after taking this film production class in high school I decided I wanted to study that too. So here I am at Molloy studying accounting and communications media!"

Have you been on any global learning trips? "I've been on a couple of global learning trips. The first one was to the Business trip to Germany in May of my freshman year. We visited Frankfurt and Berlin, went to the National German bank headquarters, and even had a presentation by Coca-Cola. I made some great memories with some new friends there. The next trip I went on was to London the following January. There I got to see some historic landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Parliament, and the ancient site Stonehenge. After my two short-term trips abroad, I decided I wanted to do something longer so I studied abroad in Ireland for 6 months last fall semester. There I fully immersed myself in the Irish culture by joining clubs at my school and going on multiple road trips across the country. I made friends from all over Europe, Asia, and South America that shared their own cultures with me and whom I still stay in contact with. While I was abroad I was able to visit other countries and festivals, like Barcelona, Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany and the Christmas markets in Scottland."

What's it like to be in two senior seminars at once? "I'm not in two seminars yet but I definitely am not looking forward to it."

How does it feel to be almost out of Molloy? "I'm excited and a little nervous to almost be out of Molloy. It's a strange feeling to think that in a little over a year I'll be a college graduate and see where my degrees take me."