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Profile: Christina Ganci “Panda Girl”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Molloy chapter.

Why have you been in the internet news recently? 

“A few articles popped up about an experience I had recently on the dating app Bumble. On Bumble, once you match, the girl has to message first. I messaged this guy and he sent me a panda fact everyday for 100 days. It was crazy to see the articles. I didn’t even know the guy was posting about it or anyone wrote an article on it until a girl I went to high school with sent it to me!”

When did this start? How long did it last?

“I matched with him on Christmas and it went from there! It was literally 100 days. I didn’t keep track, but at the end he said, “That was your 100 days of panda facts!” I was a little sad it see it end, honestly.”


Why did this man start messaging you random panda facts?

“You’re going to have to ask him that! According to the articles about it I’ve read, he was embarrassed because he made a typo while writing Merry Christmas so he panicked and sent me a panda fact. I’ve never met someone who’s go-to when they mess up is to send a panda fact, but I guess it worked for him!”


Do you like pandas?

“Sure! They’re not my favorite, but I have nothing against them. I know so much more about them now!”


What was your favorite panda fact?

“Towards the end he sent me pictures and videos. I enjoyed those. I found myself looking forward to my panda fact everyday!”


Do you know why he stopped?

“Nope! I guess it became to much for him to handle!”


You are so kind! How were you able to maintain your kindness with every message?

“Thank you! I thought I was so boring with my answers, but I made sure to answer every time because I thought it was hysterical and wanted to see how long he would go on sending me facts.”


Do you and the “Panda Fact Guy” still talk?

“No! I sent him a link to one of the articles, but he never answered me!”


How did you find out that you went viral?

“A friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in a few years messaged me on Facebook and was like, “This is awkward, but I think you’re in this article!” It was me! I was at an MPAC rehearsal and everyone freaked out. It was crazy.”


Has any part of your life changed because of this?

“No, not really! (cough cough- Ellen please invite me on your show-  cough cough) It’s just so funny. Of course I would go viral over something that happened on a dating app!”


Do you have anything you would like to say to the “Panda Facts Guy”?

“It was a pleasure talking to you and learning about pandas, even though I wish I learned more about you!”


Toni Martini is an Elementary Education major in her senior year at Molloy College. She is the Co-Editor-in-Chief in her college's media organization and has a passion for writing. When she isn't running around to events with her camera, she can be found drinking copious cups of coffee with her friends and is always carrying a smile in her obnoxiously tiny purse. Toni is feverishly passionate about representing Molloy College with Her Campus and is overly excited every time her staff has a meeting.  Her goals are to bring happiness to others with her writing and eat chocolate on every continent.