Profile: Charles Marquardt IV

Name: Charlie Marquardt IV

Year: Senior

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Rockaway Beach, NY

What is your position of the basketball team? "I am a shooting guard on the basketball team."

What is it like to be captain? "It's very enjoyable to be a captain of a basketball team that is full of great players and great coaches."

What are you going to miss about Molloy? "I'm going to miss the athletics, dorms, and and just overall people that make molloy such a great place."

Is it difficult to balance school and basketball? "It's pretty difficult balancing basketball and school, but you learn how to manage it all very quickly."

What is it like to have your father as head coach? "It's a very rare experience having my dad as my coach. Not many people can say that. I truly am lucky to be able to say I played for him."

What was it like to be on the ECC weekly honor roll? "Weekly honor role is cool. It's a nice weekly accomplishment that couldn't be done without my coaches or teammates."

Do you have a favorite team to root for or watch? "My favorite team is the New York Knicks."

If you could play for any basketball team NBA or elsewhere, who would it be? "I would also have to say I would love to play for them just because New York is the best city in the world."