Profile: Bianca Jean


Name: Bianca Jean

Year: Junior

Major: Child Education Specializing in Communications

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY resides in Baldwin

What are you apart of at Molloy? "Secretary of Molloy College Step-Team and President of Molloy College AACO."

What is AACO? “It’s really hard to explain what it is, but if I had to describe it I’d say that AACO is an organization where those on campus can come and feel welcomed when they don’t feel that way anywhere else. Most define it as the African America, Caribbean Club and that is what we are but we are also a club that is accepting of all members. AACO is a family, support system, and a community where we encourage each other to strive for greatness and prosper and not be limited by our race or ethnicity. Clubs aren’t only about putting work on your members it's about installing a family like atmosphere, I don’t force my members to be a part of the club I motivate them to be a part of it. There is no key definition for what a club should be so we made one.”

When does AACO meet? “We always meet once a month, at 3:30, usually find a large classroom, to meet in since we have around 40 members and many faculties becoming involved. We always send out e-mails prior to our meetings to let any inquiring students know where it is.”

What events does AACO host/co-sponsor? “We host various events over the course of the school year, for example, this Thursday, November 17th we are sponsoring our annual Multi-Cultural Night in Hays Theater and we are being co-sponsored by the Molloy Step-Team, Molloy SACE, Union Hispana, Gaelic Society, and Club Italia. Be sure to come out and support.”

What is Multi-Cultural Night? “Multi-Cultural Night is a celebration of all the cultures around the world this night is supposed to represent all the cultural events, this night is supposed to represent all the cultures around the Molloy community being able to come together and form an entertaining event for the Molloy community.”

When is Multi-Cultural Night? “Multi-Cultural Night is this Thursday, November 17th in Hays Theater, from 8-12PM. There will be a wide variety of food, along with decorations made by our club members, dancing, and a wide variety of music provided by our very own DJ Keri. Be sure to come out and support, don’t miss it!”